It Felt Good on my Lips

Just about a month ago, I started a series of how Alex and I met. If you missed Part One or need to refresh your memory, read up on it here before you continue reading this post!

I ended the last post when Alex had texted me the night we met.

“I thought since I’m making you call me first, I would be nice and text you first,” he said.

In my tipsy (okay, drunk) state, I closed one eye and squinted the other, so that the keys on my phone would be a little clearer. I mean hey, I wasn’t going to text this guy back for the first time with 65 drunk typos. I responded by telling him that I was really happy to have met and had a great time.

“I’m excited to see you again. Sunday can’t come soon enough,” he immediately said back.

Before I actually read his message I thought, score! A fast text responder! There’s nothing worse than waiting around for 15 minutes!

Then I read his message and had to remind myself to breathe. Since I wasn’t driving home, we continued to text each other until I got home and was safely in bed. I went to sleep feeling excited, nervous, drunk, and anxious all rolled together. The next morning I woke with a slight headache and a smile on my face. I couldn’t remember if the previous night had actually happened or if I had completely dreamed it up! I snatched up my phone and scrolled through my messages.

Yep, it had actually happened!

Since I’m hangover handicapped, I ran downstairs at the crack of 6 AM.

Dang it, Mom is still asleep. Wait a minute, what am I doing awake?

After twiddling my thumbs for an hour and trying to Facebook stalk this mystery man (with no such luck!), my mom finally woke up. We spent the morning hunting through the dark fuzziness of our memory piecing together every detail of the night. We mutually decided that I was in love. Now, I just needed to make it to Sunday!

Saturday seemed to drag on. We texted a few times and I finally got the guts up to call around 4. We decided that we would see an early afternoon movie then grab some grub. I found out months later that the reason why Alex was busy on Saturday night was because he had a date with someone else! Can you believe that!?


Let’s move on to our date, shall we?

We met at Alex’s apartment (my future home) before we headed off to the movies. I didn’t have a GPS and wrote MapQuest directions to his place on a Post It and stuck it to my steering wheel. MapQuest forgot to mention the last turn to get in to his complex, so I completely passed it up looking for a road that seemed to not exist.

I passed a really nice complex, then kept going and going. The further I traveled down the road, the grosser and more ghetto the apartments seemed to get. What the heck am I getting myself into? This doesn’t even look safe!

Embarrassed, I picked up my phone to get some guidance on where the heck I was going. Thankfully, I had missed the turn completely and he ended up living in the nice, newer apartments that I had first passed. He met me outside and gave me a hug. Oh, he’s a keeper!

He brought me up to his apartment to show me around. I was very impressed by his nice things and how immaculately clean he kept his apartment. The vacuum strips were almost permanently burned into the carpet. We chatted about our last day and a half and started to get to know each other. Then it was time to head to the movies.

We saw The Hangover the day (I think??) it was released in theaters. It was my responsibility to pick the movie and considering how funny it was I definitely scored big on my selection. Go me!! We were both cracking up throughout the entire movie. Once it was finished we headed to On The Border for some food.

We spent hours sitting outside in the warm summer sun getting to know each other. Eventually, we jumped in his truck and headed back to his apartment. I couldn’t help but to feel sad that our date was coming to an end. It was an absolutely wonderful day that I thought would be impossible to re-create. Once we pulled up to his complex, I began to pout as I reached for my car keys.

“Hey, why don’t you come inside for awhile? It’s still pretty early, you don’t have to go home yet, do you?” he said with a smile on his face.

“NOPE! I don’t have to go home yet!” I yelled.

I was so excited, I basically fell out of his truck. I kept thinking to myself, “When am I going to wake up? This is just too good to be true!”

We made our way back up to his apartment. He closed the door behind us and grabbed me by the waist.

He looked me right in the eye and said, “I’ve been waiting to do this all day.”

But I have to admit, it felt good on my lips.

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