Spring has (finally) Sprung

 Before we get to our spring pictures, let’s do a quick recap of this past weekend. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I will have a post solely dedicated to the bachelorette party/weekend. We left Friday morning and got to the beach around 1. By the time all the guests filtered down and I grabbed my camera to start snappin’ photos, I quickly realized that I had idiotically left my memory card in my computer. Whoops!

Don’t worry your pretty little heads off though, there were plenty of cameras flying around. I’m pretty sure that between the 15 of us, we were able to catch every single laugh. Now I’m just waiting for the billion e-mails from Facebook informing me that I was tagged in a photo. Once this occurs, I will pick the more attractive ones and share them with you! How does that sound?

I think I’m finally recovered from the weekend. I’ve been catching up on my sleep, getting back to healthier eating, and…. well… not drinking. Not surprisingly, I have some mysterious lingering bruises and blisters that are serving as my battle wounds. I guess that’s the price you have to pay though, huh?

Completely swithcing gears…

You know that spring is here the moment that you realize you have sneezed seven times in the last 35 minutes and when your coworkers stealthily steal your Puffs Plus tissues like the world is ending and the only way to plug up the fiery explosion is with tissues. (Wow, that was a long sentence)

Spring is definitely one of my top four favorite seasons. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I don’t discriminate-hate on the different seasons. I can find something that I love and loath about each one. I love the warmer weather of spring. I love the blooming flowers and the first time you smell fresh cut grass of the year. I also love the crisp mornings. However, I’m not a big fan of the pollen or the periods of time that it seems to rain enough to wash a small child down the street.

You know what they say about April showers though?

 It teaches you to wear more skirts so that the bottom of your pants aren’t soaking wet by the time you trek across the parking lot.


Oh right, something about May and flowers.

Or you could cheat like me, drive to Home Depot, buy flowers, and enjoy them in April. Life is short. I’m not waiting for dang flowers.


I also refuse to buy a bunch of new planters. The previous homeowners left us a ton of dead plants in semi-ugly pots. Since we’ve purchased two new vehicles, a house, paid for a wedding, and a honeymoon all in the past year…. we’re going to stick with the ugly ones for awhile. Donations are welcome. I will accept them in the form of pots, moo-la, or back rubs — your choice.


We also have this absolutely beautiful tree in our front yard. My mom and I started noticing them in the last few years and had no idea what they were called. We always called them the Tulip Trees, and I’m sure you can guess why. Apparently they’re called Saucer Magnolias, another fun fact provided by my home away from home — Home Depot. Since we found the house in fall and moved in winter, I was more than excited when spring rolled around and I realized that we have a Tulip Tree!!


Even our flower-less trees are starting to wake up. As you look around our backyard, little green leaves are everywhere.


And one more look at the Tulip Tree —- just for good measures 🙂


Before I depart and get back to work, did you know that Pandora has a free song limit? Apparently, you can only listen to up to 40 hours of free music every month.

Clearly I like music… a lot. It is April 12th and I’m approaching my 40 hour limit.

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m an addict. It has been 36 seconds since I last listened to music and I cannot think straight.

Aaaaand I’m off to go find a real problem!


9 thoughts on “Spring has (finally) Sprung

  1. #1, I love those trees with the pretty pink blooms! #2, Typically, once you reach your limit, Pandora will ask you to pay $1 to keep listening for the rest of the month which isn’t bad. #2.5 I flip between Pandora & Grooveshark. With Grooveshark, you can make and save playlists that are saved on your account, so kinda like an online iTunes. Also, Grooveshark as a radio feature so that once you plug in a few songs of your choosing, you can turn on the radio, and it’ll start generating songs based on your selections, like Pandora. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. in 4 hours when you hit your limit try slacker.com

    i like it a lot anddd i dont think there is a limit 🙂

    also, i laughed out loud at your comment about the rain and small child. seriously, i didnt think it was going to stop on Saturday.

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