My First Bridezilla Moment

Overall, I feel that I have been a relaxed and relatively stress-free bride.

If something is going to take longer than expected to be delivered — that’s okay, we have plenty of time.

If someone’s invitation gets returned to us — that’s okay, I’ll send out a new one.

I’m sure Alex will say otherwise since he sees me and deals with all my mini-freak outs, but overall — I’ve been very relaxed through the whole wedding planning process.

Well, last night was a different story! Remember how I just got my hair and make-up done this past Saturday for a test run? Well, while I was there I scheduled a normal hair cut for April 16th.

Last night I received a call from the hair salon.

“Hi Michelle, I see that you have a hair cut with Katelyn on April 16th. She will not be here, would you like to schedule the appointment with someone else?” says Sharon.

I replied, “Uhh.. no. I’ll just reschedule the appointment for another time. Will she be in later that day or not at all.”

After a moment of hesitation, Sharon says, “Katelyn decided to move to another career path, she’s actually no longer working at the salon.”


I can tell she’s already feeling uncomfortable.

“We were surprised as well, she’s not even in the same field of work. She now works for a mortgage broker in another city,” Sharon says.

“Honestly, I’m not worried about my haircut on April 16th. What I am worried about though, is that Katelyn was scheduled to do my wedding hair on May 7th. In fact, I just came in this past Saturday and she did my hair trial,” I snapped back.

Now things were really on rocky ground.

“I have six people coming to the salon on the 7th. I need to make sure we all still have appointments. On top of that, how do I know that my hair will turn out the same on my wedding day? Clearly I need another trial run,” I was on a roll now. “I cannot believe that I spent over $100 for my hair and make-up done. Not only was it a waste of money, it was also a waste of time!”

“All of our girls do up-dos all the time, we can definitely schedule another trial if you would like. I assure you that every stylist we have is more than capable to do your hair on your wedding day,” Sharon said.

“I’m not concerned on whether they can do up-dos or not. What am I concerned with, is if the style they do on my wedding day is what I want my hair to look like. How do I know it’s going to turn out the same way? I don’t! And to be honest, I really don’t think I should PAY for another trial!”

Now she saw my point.

“Absolutely. I understand. You certainly will not have to pay again,” replied Sharon.

The rest of the conversation focused on us planning new dates. We also bumped up all our hair and make-up for the day of the wedding to make sure we’re out of the salon at a decent hour.


I was literally at the salon days ago. Don’t you think she would have mentioned something to me. I mean, it couldn’t have been a one day thing. She was clearly looking for other jobs at least! Not a “hey, I might not be here in May.” NOTHING! Don’t you think that would be important information for a bride? 


What’s the most stressful thing that happened while you were planning your wedding?

If you’re not married — how do you think you would handle things like this?


5 thoughts on “My First Bridezilla Moment

  1. Ugh, what a bummer. They should do everything they can to make sure you are accommodated. Did you happen to take a photo of the trial she did? If so, bring that in to show them. My hairstylist won’t be doing my hair on my wedding day, but she’s doing my trial and I’m having my wedding stylist (this is because my wedding is no where I live) mimic it. Good luck! It will be beautiful!

    My only freak out moment was when I emailed my coordinator and she didn’t email me back for three weeks! She typically emails me back in about 12 hours, so this was really concerning. She took down her website, FB page, all of it. She got back to me and said she quit the business, but was still going to honor my contract. I have considered hiring a new one, but it would mean losing my deposit with her.

  2. ::mouth drops to floor:: I’d pretty much cry and have a huge hissy fit before figuring out what to do. Sucks you had to go thru that 😦

  3. AAAAH! I understand the freak out moment! It’s a huge deal and you had every right to flip. It will be okay though. Bring in a photo of EXACTLY what you want, and don’t be afraid to tell the stylist if you don’t like it. That’s what a trial is for. Don’t forget to bring your veil or head piece.

    Whe I had my makeup trial, I figured I’d do it the night of my bachelorette party so I can have somewhere to go after getting my makeup done. The girl was supposed to be “the best” and I’ve seen her work before. Well, I left the salon in tears. She literally gave me 2 black eyes. I looked like a drag queen hooker. Horrible. I ended up doing my own makeup on my wedding day & it came out fabulouso if I do say so myself (hahah! I have no shame at all!).

    It will be fine. Bring a picture, and tell him or her if you want something different. You are beautiful, and you will look gorgeous on the big day.

  4. Good thing you won’t have to pay again. That would be stressful, but what happened to me was way more stressful! I live in DC and planned a wedding in PA where I grew up. 3 months before my wedding day, the reception hall owners got arrested b/c they had been charging sales tax on alcohol which is illegal and then pocketing all the tax money and not reporting. So, they couldn’t guarantee they were going to be open or be allowed to serve alcohol. I did not want to have my reception there anymore but they would not refund my $1500 deposit. I even had a lawyer write a letter. By a miracle from God, I found a reception hall that I loved but had been booked but happened to have my date opened again b/c someone canceled. So I was able to book that. Luckily we hadn’t done invites yet. But everything worked out for the best, but you can imagine how stressful it was.

    I’ll tell you one thing though, you are going to plan, plan, plan and stress a bit, and undoubtedly something won’t go exactly as planned. But the most important thing is at the end of the day, you’ll be married. 🙂 The day goes by so fast, so enjoy every moment of it and planning for it.

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