House Renos

Renovations, that is.

When we signed on our house, part of the agreement the owner’s added was that they would be leaving us all the window treatments. Thanks for the chore!!!

Every window in the house had some sort of dreadful curtain on it. I’m not anti-curtain, I’m just not into curtains with palm trees and paisleys. Every room had a different color and design. I’m telling you, it was bad! B-A-A-A-D!

This pile was the least of our worries.


Take a closer look at the glory of all this fabric.


Tell me, is there anything worse than this? We had two of these beauties in our living room!DSC_0240

Don’t you like the plaid?

These were bolted in the wall and even the crown molding was removed in it’s place. Alex pulled them down and all that remains is two 18 inch gaps in the molding. We’ll have to replace the molding along the entire wall, and that hasn’t been first on our list of priorities.

We also had some pretty hideous light fixtures. Within the same room, we had traditional, modern, and just plain weird lights.

This wonder was in our entryway.


And this one… this is clear choice for your living room. Duh! Complete with flowers and hummingbirds.


You literally hit your head on the bottom of the lamp if you stood up the wrong way.

So, we ripped these down and replaced them. Our living room now has a beautiful and functional ceiling fan.


side note: We also got this tree/plant left behind. I’m a indoor plant lover, but this one is slightly ugly. I keep thinking that it will get better, but it hasn’t. I just can’t bring myself to toss it!

We got rid of the glass masterpiece in the entryway and put in this bad boy!


Although I don’t have a before picture of the light above our table, I promise it was just as ugly (if not more) as the others.

Anyway, here is our dinning room now!



I do like the brown on the wall…. buttttt we are going to paint.

Not right now though Smile


11 thoughts on “House Renos

  1. I love the new light fixtures!! They look great. 😀

    If you wanted to cover the gaps in the crown molding, you could get some attractive (non-plaid, LOL) curtains and just hang the rod all the way up toward the top of your ceiling. I saw on some HGTV show it’s supposed to make your room feel taller/bigger.

    • That’s definitely a great idea. I was thinking I might leave those windows without curtains, just because they’re not that big.. I thought it would make the room too dark.. Definitely something to think about though!!

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