Ripping out the Weeds

As I sit on the couch listening to the Michael Bublé Pandora station and watch the nasty rain/sleet/snow fall outside, I can’t help but longingly remember last week’s weather. It was just so, so warm out!

My car teased me by telling me it was over 70 degrees outside! Instinctively I thought that it was time to put away the dreary winter clothes and bust out the skirts! No more tights for this girl! Wrong.

Clearly my celebration for the start of warmer weather began all too soon. As we can see, it doesn’t matter that the first day of spring has come and gone – winter is still not ready to hang it’s hat up and hibernate until next year.


Rather than facing the ickiness of outside, I’m going to focus on a better (warmer) day! About a month ago, it was one of the beautifully warm days in February and the first warm day of the new year. Before the newness of nice weather wore off, we ran outside to do some yard work!

In all honesty, since we’ve moved in our yard has mostly been covered in snow and this was one of the first times we got to survey what the previous owners left behind for us. Let me tell you folks, we’ve got our work cut out for us!


We had sea grass that was as big as a human! Don’t believe me? DSC_0353

Those had to go!




And poof it’s gone!

We also received this really cool planter thing (??) that is sitting on top of a large stump (??). It looks poopie. Someone needs to come to our house and grind up this stump. Any takers?DSC_0358

They also left us some dead plants. How nice of them!


We definitely did a ton of work, but have a lifetime of work left. Oddly, I’m okay with it. We’ll get there. Overall I think we filled 11 ginormous contractor bags full of yard waste.

I also have a new obsession with my bird feeder!


Pictures of our progress will come shortly.

Now it’s time me for follow in the (wet) dog’s steps and hit the sack for the night! See ya tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “Ripping out the Weeds

  1. We moved into our house during the winter and when spring came we found out we inherited a lot of dead plants, two raised garden beds full of more dead stuff, and we continue to dig up random things in our garden every once in awhile. Fun stuff! 🙂

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