Bridal Shower!!

A few weeks ago I had my bridal shower. It was an amazing day and it seemed like everyone had a great time. We all gathered at my mom’s house at one on Sunday afternoon. We drank mimosas and good wine and we dined on delicious food.

Just with every party we prepare for, we made entirely way too much food. We all took home large bags full of leftovers. It definitely would not have been a successful day without the help of so many people! Not only did we have fantastic helpers leading up to the big day, but we also had people running around filling up glasses and plates while the party was going on. I know I have said thank you numerous time, but still that is not enough!


I’m not a huge fan of icebreakers and games, but we did have one little activity. We had everyone break into three groups and left each group with the bag of supplies. In the bag there was bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, scissors, and other random things (including wine corks, paper plates, and ribbon). Each group needed to produce a wedding dress, bouquet, and a veil.

Check out how everyone did!

Here’s one group hard at work!





All the brides together!


Aaaand all the sisters together now…


Then it was gift time.

On a side note, I have a severe gift receiving phobia. I’m not a big fan of opening gifts in front of the person that gave them to me. I always feel like my expression when I’m opening the gift is not going to be what they expected and ultimately I’ll let them down. It’s weird, I know. So — opening gifts in front of 30 woman, made me extremely nervous!

Here’s a couple shots..




Alex appeared once everybody was leaving. He helped pack everything in the car and even got to open a gift himself!


Where is this man??? Is he home yet?


Just one month and one week till our wedding! Woo!!


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