Weekend of Wedding Junk


This weekend was…. well, successful. It was also very busy. And it was long.


Before we get into all of the fun wedding talk, there is something I want to show you! For my bridal shower I received an Orville Redenbacher popcorn maker. I’ve never owned a popcorn maker before, but this one is out of this world. I hands-down recommend this product to everyone who likes popcorn!

This popcorn maker pops the kernels with hot air. Not only is there no mess with oil, but it’s also much healthier. It’s a perfect pop every time – no more burnt popcorn that stinks up your whole house!

It’s fairly small and can fit easily in your cabinet.



There’s a small engraving on the inside of the heater, just fill ‘er up!


Now, just wait! It takes less than two minutes to have the most perfect popcorn! There’s a small dish that sits above the popcorn to melt the butter. I know a lot of you are super healthy – but for me, I like a little butter! I also use a variety of popcorn seasonings. Lately, our favorite is ranch!


Then enjoy!! Don’t be selfish and forget to give the pup a piece or ten.


Next up — wedding talk!

Saturday morning I woke bright and early for my hair and make-up trial. Overall I was very happy with how the trial turned out. There are a few things that I want done differently on the big day though, mainly with the make-up. I think I’m going to end up using some of my own products instead of the salon’s. Although I was very happy with my make-up in the morning, by the time the wedding would have started, I was looking a little rough.

Here’s just a preview of the back of my hair. Since Alex reads my blog daily, I’d like to leave something as a surprise (out of kindness, you know).


I also bought and put together the centerpieces for the wedding with soooo much help from Suzzette. Here’s a snippet!






What did you do this weekend??

I also played with this guy!




5 thoughts on “Weekend of Wedding Junk

  1. I love my popcorn maker! It’s AWESOME, but I’ve never tried ranch seasoning, I’ve always just used herbs and spices in the pantry like paprika and what not. Gonna have to pick some up at the store! And secondly, yay pretty hair and oooh & ahh to centerpiece making!

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