Books, Dogs, and Juice

Another riveting title!

Yesterday my birthday gift from Alex arrived. I saw the UPS truck pull up to the driveway and I immediately bolted for the door. I met our UPS lady outside to snag my gift! When I came back inside Hunter realized that he had missed all the action.

He ran up to the door and began disappointedly barking as the UPS truck pulled out of our driveway. He let out a giant sigh as he collapsed down in front of the door. For about seven minutes he let random, defeated barks escape his mouth.

Come back!! I need some contact with a stranger! Please!!

After I felt sorry for the dog and snapped his picture, I ran downstairs to open my gift!


A Kindle!

I absolutely love reading, so this is the next logical step in my literary journey. I immediately downloaded a free book on Amazon and got to some reading! I’m surprised as to how small and thin this bad boy is!

The size of my hand?

Look at this!

Can you even see it?

I decided to kick off my new technology with an old classic. It only seems appropriate, no?

P&P - that's what's up.

I love my Kindle! I can’t wait to spend a lot of nights curled up with it completely lost in a good book! When you turn it off, a picture of a famous author or book appears on the screen. Right now, Emily Dickinson is giving me the laaaazy eye. It’s slightly awkward. It’s time for me to read some more so Ms. Dickinson can go back to bed!

Recently I received a gift from work. I was able to pick from dozens of items and after much deliberation I decided to go with a Hampton Beach Juicer. In reality it’s not something that I needed, but I really didn’t need a crappy hammock, a CD case, or a pair of headphones either. Plus, it was free!

I decided to give it a whirl yesterday. It was very, very simple to put together. Each piece could be put in the dishwasher after every use, which I appreciated as well. It’s not very large, so it can be stored easily. I had two leftover oranges from a big bag we purchased awhile back. It was time for them to go!

Getting my OJ ready


My two giant oranges produced much more juice than I expected and at least 2/3 cup more than my measuring glass predicted as well.


After I drained the majority of the pulp out, I decided to give my homemade juice a try!

The verdict: It definitely was not the best orange juice that I’ve ever had. It was tasty, don’t get me wrong but nothing to die over. I ended up using the majority of my juice for the Orange Vinaigrette listed on my measuring cup. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement still!

I got a lot of odds and ends accomplished last night, so I went to bed feeling satisfied! The dog however continued to pout…

Sad Doggy.

Happy Tuesday.


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