Our lovely painted basement

If you’re new around here, Alex and I recently purchased our first house. We moved in a month ago and have been constantly working on it since then. Here are some recaps if you missed them.

Our offer was accepted!

We got the keys to our new pad.

Settlement and Packing!

The Move part one.

The Move part two.

Snow one. Snow two.

Our bed. Ahhhh.

Over the last week we painted our basement. It took us a long time to find the right color. For just about two weeks we had seven paint splotches on our walls. We finally decided on Vast Desert, a color made by Behr.

We also got new carpet and blinds installed. Our home is really starting to come together! We’ve gone from living in someone else’s house filled with our things to living in our own home.

When we moved in our basement was the color of Crest toothpaste. It was absolutely dreadful. Our carpet wasn’t terrible. It was berber and white. There were multiple places that had stains but, again, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

The problem was that it smelled. Like. Dogs.

The previous owners had three small dogs that must have had free range of the basement. We had the carpets professionally cleaned and once the smell of baby powder wore off, the dog smell permeated again. A week later the carpet was ripped out and replaced.

Let’s look at some before pictures, shall we?

Super Sweet Stain

Can you see the green?

Getting set up

take 2

Get it gone!!

Work in progress 🙂

This is what I did.

Oh hey

Here’s the finished project!

The bar

Way better than green

Want to hang?

Don’t mind the dog crate

Now I’m off to tend to a man who has some sort of stomach bug. Let’s hope tomorrow is better for him.

What’s next for us:

  • Wedding invites out tomorrow!
  • A peak at our back yard and the work we’ve done so far
  • Hideous light fixtures and curtains before and after

Editted to add:

Pssst! If you’re looking for more recent updates to our basement, check out this point, this post, and this one too!


14 thoughts on “Our lovely painted basement

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  2. Thank you for posting this. I have been torn with going with Vast Desert for my living room but after seeing this it is a GO! The basement came out amazing. Great job!

    • I’m so happy I could help! We really like the way our basement came out — I wouldn’t go with any other color even looking back! You’ll have to send me a like of the finished product!!

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