Thanks for the Suspension WP

Over the last 48 hours my blog was deactivated. There was no warning from WordPress. There was no note to say, “hey – that post you just published violates our Terms and Conditions, so go ahead and take it down.” Nope, nothing like that.

The last post I wrote, “Just Words + Wedding Updates” was completely trivial. There was nothing that I wrote that slandered anyone else. I didn’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I didn’t use pornographic or other explicit materials. All I talked about was my weekend, painting our new home, lying about buying a new puppy, and my new workout. I was absolutely appalled that my post “violated” the T&Cs.

I immediately responded asking for this to be removed or for at least an explanation on why I no longer had a blog. I couldn’t access any of my posts. Of course all my pictures are saved on my home computer, but the year of posts that I spent hours and hours writing were gone.


I googled the violation and read other people’s responses to their blogs being suspended. Most said their blog was never restored and all of their content was lost. I was devastated.

I’ve already been considering taking my blog to my own domain, this would drop the I’ve almost used all the available free space through wordpress and either need a space upgrade (which I would pay for) or my own domain (which I would pay for as well).

After the whole shenanigans with my blog being deactivated on the drop of a dime, I think I’ll be making that transition to my own domain earlier than I expected. After some research, I’m still pretty lost. If you’ve recently moved your blog to your own domain and feel like helpin’ me out — definitely, definitely let me know! I could use all the help I could get.


Yesterday evening I got an email response from WordPress. If you read my last post you’ll notice that I mentioned the new workout regime that Alex and I started.

I linked the name of the workout program to their website, which apparently is where the problem was. WordPress replied saying that all links that go to that page are prohibited from the wordpress domain and must be taken down immediately.

Well, okay.

Don’t you think they could have just blocked that post or kindly asked for me to unlink the page?

Well I’m back. And I’m angry (but I am happy to be back, that’s for sure!!)

I’m going to be saving all my work and moving to a new site… once I figure it out.

Paint pictures are up next!


7 thoughts on “Thanks for the Suspension WP

  1. Damn, that is such a bummer! I wanted to ask your a question yesterday and I saw that wordpress red tape. I just got engaged in the MD area and was wondering if you could tell me the name of your venue? The natural setting you were talking about sounds like what we are looking for and I would love to check it out!

    • OMGish!!! Congrats! That’s so exciting!!! Do you know when you guys are planning to get married! YAY!!!! I’m getting married at the Gramercy Mansion in Stevenson (on the way towards Towson from Columbia). It’s by Villa Julie, out in the sticks.

      Let me know what other questions you have! I’d be happy to help! Congrats again 🙂

  2. I emailed you!!! Wondered where you went!
    Stupid WP. That’s so dumb they wouldn’t even ask you to take down the link before shutting you down!

    Glad you’re back though!!! 🙂

  3. What!?!? That’s so INSANE! I just switched over to self hosting with dream host (it was super easy, and not too bad for 1 year) because I didn’t like the wordpress restrictions. Seriously, though. That’s absolutely absurd that they did that!!

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