Just Words + Wedding Update

Yesterday I didn’t post at work because I was, for sure, going to write a post when I got home. We spent the entire weekend painting our basement and I wanted to show you pictures reflecting all our hard work.

Last night we finished painting the basement completely! (Well, besides the trim and ceiling… whatever).

Anyway, since we still had most of our basement covered in tarps last night — our internet was still unplugged and placed a safe distance away from any paint spray. Hence how I got here, Wednesday afternoon with still no post. Tonight we’ll be putting the basement back together, so pictures will be up!

In the meantime, let’s discuss a couple things.

1. My mom and I met with my florist this past Saturday. We picked out all the flowers for the wedding and I’m really excited to see how they will all turn out. We’re mainly focusing on the personal flowers rather than large centerpieces for a few reasons.

  1. The location we’re getting married at is already completely landscaped and decorated. Not only would it be overkill to have large vases of flowers taking over each table, it would also take away from its natural beauty.
  2. It’s ridiculously expensive.
  3. Our wedding happens to be the day before Mother’s Day and all the florists are too busy to take on that task.

Our flowers are simple and wild-like. The arrangement looks like you could find it sitting in a beautiful pasture rather than strategically plucked and placed for perfection.

2. I am currently addressing our wedding invitations. They will be out within the week. I am on the G’s right now and my plan is to get at least 20 finished each night after work (thanks to Alex for that idea). It’s been hectic moving, fixing our home, painting, and studying for my test — that’s why they’re going out now. In reality, I don’t need to explain myself but for some reason I felt it was necessary. Look for them shortly!

3. Alex and I started a new workout. We’ve been doing Insanity at night after work. Last week we did the program for four nights. After day one, I couldn’t walk. After day two, I couldn’t even stand on my toes. It just got worse and worse from there. As I mentioned, our basement will be back together tonight so hopefully we can resume. I originally thought I was in decent shape (not great, but decent) — this has taught me differently though. I have a long way to go, but strangely I’m looking forward to the journey.

4. Hunter has a new friend. We got a new puppy on Monday. He’s also a golden and he’s really, super sweet. It’s weird having a puppy again, it’s definitely bringing back some old memories!

No, I’m just kidding. We didn’t get another dog, but a girl can dream.

random side note: As I’m sitting here at lunch listening to Pandora, I just heard a song that caught my ear. If you get a chance listen to the song The Guy that say’s Goodbye to you is out of his Mind,” by Griffin House. It’s a good one.

check him out

I’ll see you tonight with paint pictures!


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