Our Valentine’s Day

Alex and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Neither of us are in love with “gamble” chocolate or heart-shaped chalk. We go out to dinner on a weekly basis and surprise each other with random, thoughtful gifts throughout the year. The most recent gift I received was last week. I left my lunch bag at work over the weekend and when I came in to work last Monday, the janitors threw away my bag! Not only was I lunchless, but I was also out a $20 reusable, washable lunch bag.

I was only bagless for two days. When I came home on Wednesday afternoon, Alex had purchased a two-pack.

Anyway, back on topic.

We make dinner together every night of the week (when we don’t go out) and take Hunter on a walk every evening when we’re both home from work. We have planted flowers in our home at all times, so no use cutting them – sticking them in a vase – and watching them die.

Balloons aren’t our thing. And while we both enjoy receiving cards, we realize we don’t need to spend $6.79 to say, “I love you.”

The other day when I was eating lunch at work, my coworkers and I were discussing Valentine’s Day. Everyone seemed to have big plans and even bigger expectations. Somehow we got on the topic of how often we told our significant others that we love them. My friend, who has been with her boyfriend for eight years said that she told her boyfriend three times a day.

When they wake up.

When they both leave for work.

And when they go to bed.

Numerous people around the lunch table agreed that their significant other knows they love them, so why tell him all the time.

Well, Alex and I work a little differently. Every time I consciously feel that I love him, I tell him. Obviously I love him every moment of the day, but when I’m thinking about it — I tell him.

Whether it’s before bed, when we’re washing dishes, walking with the pup, picking up dog doo, at work, driving around town, or just watching Netflix — I tell him. I don’t tell him because I’m insecure with our relationship and want to make sure he knows I love him.

I’m positive he knows that I love him. And I know that he loves me. I tell him  for no other reason that I’m crazy about him and not telling him seems stupid. Why limit myself to telling him I love him three times a day when in fact I feel I love him when he’s helping me file my taxes or when he he’s starting up my car in the morning? Why would I wait until bed to tell him I love him? That seems silly to me.

Our Valentine’s Day will look like every other day of the year. We’re going to get home from work and take the dog for a walk. We’re even working out together tonight. Then we’ll have dinner. I’ll probably study for an hour after we clean up. Then we’ll finish off the night reading together.

And I couldn’t be more excited.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


5 thoughts on “Our Valentine’s Day

  1. Awesome post! I am the same way when it comes to telling my husband I love him. I tell him when I feel it which is multiple times a day. It’s not an auto-response or just when we go to bed, it’s all the time because truthfully, I love him all the time. Of course we have our spats but who doesn’t? I still love him and want him to know. 🙂

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