I’ll be back

I know I’ve been missing over the last couple of weeks. Within a week or so I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule. Right now I’m a little tied up though.

Test number two is coming up for work. If I’m not at work, I’m spending a lot of time studying for work. If I pass this test a lot of opportunities will coming a long and I’m trying my best to knock it out!

We also have spent a lot of time with the new home. We’re picking out paint colors right now. Last week we selected three samples and splashed them up on our wall a few days ago. We were really excited about the colors we picked out. Once they were on our walls though, we weren’t a big fan of any of them.

Back to the drawing board for paints.

I’m trying to get the wedding invitation addressed and sent out, unfortunately I think they may be a week or two later than when I originally planned. Too much is going on right now. When this whole wedding planning process started, every little thing that wasn’t perfect upset me. Now I’m at the point where it doesn’t much matter. Who cares if my invites are going out a week or two later than I planned? If it irritates someone, oh well. I’m not going to lose anymore sleep caring that I might annoy someone else.

We also hosted a Superbowl party. I cried when the Steelers lost. Not really, but I was crushed. Overall it was a pretty successful gathering of friends. Considering we had been at the house for all of two weeks at this point, everything wasn’t perfect. Everything wasn’t hung up, there were still a couple boxes, and it wasn’t perfectly clean.

We just moved in. It’s a process. We’ll get there.

We also replaced our carpet. Yes, we just had Stanley Steamer over to clean the carpets. Sadly, we could still smell the previous owners’ dog’s nastiness. So we replaced the carpet.

I promise I’ll be back.

I’ll be less stressed. I’ll be finished with my test. We’ll be one step closer to a put-together house.

And I’ll smile for you.

I’m also working on some redecorating posts. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂

Hey Bud!


2 thoughts on “I’ll be back

  1. First-Take a deep breath, Hold, ok Exhale!
    Second-Can’t wait to see your redecorating pics, etc. I am going through the same thing right now having moved less than two weeks ago. My house is a disaster zone…but it’ll get there eventually as will yours!! Good luck with the test!!

  2. Good luck on all of your work things!! I hope it goes awesome for you 🙂

    Also, who cares if anything bothers anybody else about your wedding! It is your wedding, so you can do whatever you so please. That’s the rule! If anybody has a problem with it just pull out the bride card on em 😉

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