Snow Nose

Hunter used to have an extremely black nose. I often heard that he would be the perfect TV dog. Apparently when dogs are filmed for TV they have to have completely black noses or the light from the cameras reflect weirdly (or something like that). As I mentioned — this is what I heard and we all know how accurate information through grapevein is.

So many people have told me, “Hunter is so adorable. You can tell he’s still young because his nose is still so black!”

Anyways, Alex and I became proud of Hunter’s shiny black nose. A couple months ago, Alex pointed out that Hunter’s nose had a hint of pink to it.

Even though I saw it too, I quickly dismissed it. It must be the light. Hunter has a black nose.

As the months progressed though, his nose just got pinker and pinker. Of course we love him all the same, but we just couldn’t figure out why his nose was getting pink!

The other morning as we were getting ready for work, Alex mentioned that we should look online for known causes of “the case of the pink nose in Goldens.” I responded by telling him this wasn’t the best idea.

Let me explain why.

I have a slight problem. Well, I have many — that’s not the point though.

If my eye feels funny, sore, or itchy — I have pink eye.

If my throat is scratchy — I have strep.

If my ankle hurts — It’s sprained.

If I have a stubborn headache that refuses to go away — who knows, I probably have a brain tumor.

WebMD is my friend and my enemy. My frenemy.

So when I heard Alex say, “why don’t you look up and see why Hunter’s nose is now pink?” I immediately responded by saying, “No thank you!”

I don’t need to know that my dog has puppyhood diabetes. I don’t want to be plagued with the thought that Hunter isn’t going to make it through the night.

Well, Alex decided to look it up away. Apparently it’s a common condition in Goldens and Labs. Of course the website stated, “this could be a sign of a serious medical condition,” but it also said that it was more commonly a condition referred to as “snow nose.”

During the winter months, dogs’ noses tend to get pinker and then blacken up again for the summer months.

Who knew?

Well, now we can’t stop teasing the dog. We’re constantly running around the house saying…

“Snow nose, snow nose! Who wants a dog with snow nose!”

Because we’re really mature.


“Go away Snow Nose Dog! I don’t want Snow Nose!!”

“How am I going to call out sick from work? How could I say, ‘I can’t come in today — I’ve got the Snow Nose?'”

We like to tease our dog. No big deal.


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