You Gotta take the Good with the Bad

The good –

  • Having a place to call “ours”

The bad –

  • Being responsible for fixing all the things “wrong” with our place

The good –

  • Making all the hideously ugly things in our home — pretty, new, and fresh.

The bad –

  • Paying for them.

The good –

  • A fiancé that not only loves and cares for me, but also supports me in all my tough decisions. Having someone stand by you through all the bad moods, the bad days, and the disappointments can make a world of difference.

The bad –

  • All those disappointments.

The good –

  • A hilarious dog, who loves cuddling, playing, and slobbering.

The bad –

  • When said dog gets a tummy ache and barfs on the carpet four times the same day we got them professionally cleaned.

The good –

  • Having a house full of yummy food.

The bad –

  • Going to a bulk food store when you’re hungry and spending multiple hundreds of dollars.

A big welcome to February. January flew by; it seemed like just yesterday I was mad that Alex forced us to take down our Christmas decorations.

Sometimes I get nostalgic. More often than not, I get nostalgic when I’m in a funk. It was definitely a big month for our household. Let’s take a look at some of the January highlights, shall we??


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