Thoughts on Snow

How can something as beautiful as a freshly fallen snow also be so destructive? Not only can snow crack and kill trees that are hundreds of years old, it can also cause thousands of households to lose power. Snow impedes traffic and makes it impossible for folks to get to work and continue with their every day duties. It’s been known to cause car accidents and end lives prematurely.

Yet something about snow can stop you in your tracks and admire it’s beauty. The way it coats the trees and how it looks stretched across a field yet to be touched is breathtaking. If life was void of responsibility, waking up to a snow covered ground would bring only joy.

You wouldn’t sit there thinking of all the work that will ensue just trying to get to work. You wouldn’t dread your morning commute, knowing that it will take twice as long to get somewhere as normal.

You would just sit in front of a window admiring. Your mind would be free of the millions of thoughts normally found racing around.

You would just sit.

And look.

Winter beauty

It’s a time when children are out of school. They can gather with the other kids in the neighborhood and sled all day. Dogs can romp around in the backyard, tailings waging and tongues hangin’ out.

Pretty tree 🙂

As an adult, snow makes you long for the past. It makes you miss those worry free snow days. Now you’re worried about trees falling on your home.

Our fallen tree - all chopped up

You dread seeing a snow shovel again. Your back hurts just looking at one.

Make it stop. Please.

You envy your dog and his unconditional happiness.

Silly pup

Inevitably, you find yourself exhausted by the end of the day.

That was hard work Momma!

Snow started out as something you wore your PJs inside out for, praying  that it wouldn’t skip your town as a kid. Now it’s the opposite.

How does that happen?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Snow

  1. Being a grownup stinks sometimes! Wish I could just spend the day sledding instead of risking my life to go to work and then shovel as soon as I get home. 😦

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