The Move – Take 2

As promised here are some pictures from our move last weekend. These are all from when we stopped by the house Friday evening just to check things out. It was Hunter’s first time at his new home, so I was able to catch him with big smiles on his face. He’s definitely settled in to his home and he absolutely loves showing it off whenever we have guests.

Opening the door for the first time!

What is this place Momma??

Do I live here Dad??

I do, I do, I do!!

Quick family photo

Hunter found one of his new favorite places to hang out rather quickly. While we relaxed for a moment to enjoy some pizza, Hunter played around our feet.

Walking the bar

Chowing down

Over the past week we’ve made a lot of progress with the house. We only have a handful of boxes left to go through and put away. Our furniture has been delivered and our Comcast has been installed. Even though we’ve been insanely busy getting everything taken care, there’s still so much to do! I’m looking forward to at least getting the stuff that needs to be fixed taken care of, so we can get to the good stuff.

Although I’m not looking forward to the long hours of painting and scrubbing, it’ll definitely be nice to see our new house transform into our home. Even just starting to get the place decorated with our things has made such a difference. Painting is still a couple weeks away though; right now we have to focus on cleaning (It’ll be nice to get rid of the mint green color that swallows our basement). We have a lot of shower scrubbing, carpet cleaning, and drawer washing to do.

One thing at a time though.

Yesterday our day was consumed with snow. We got 12 inches of snow on Wednesday/Thursday! The snow was so heavy that we had a lot down tree branches. Wednesday night when we got home, we had a giant tree branch covering the length of our entire driveway. Thankfully when the tree hit our roof it just slid down to the ground and didn’t do any major damage. Nonetheless, we were outside (in the blizzard) with a handsaw trying to get this tree out of our driveway.

It was a long couple of days. Lots of shoveling. Lots of sweat. Lots of misery.

(Do you like how dramatic I am??)

Now I have a broken back, sore arms, and a new respect for snow blowers. I’m back at work and happier than ever that it’s Friday. Stay tuned later for some snow pictures!

But — as you can imagine, by the end of the day we all looked like this…



Do you have any fun weekend plans?


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