Puffs to the Rescue!

Remember on Tuesday when I told you that I was coming down with a cold? As the day came to a close on Tuesday, I continually felt worse and worse. I woke up multiple times throughout the night feeling dreadful. I tossed and turned all night as my head pounded and my throat throbbed.

I woke up Wednesday morning in tears. Partially because I felt so crappy and partially because I’m a giant baby every time I get sick. I decided to head in to work anyway and see how long I could last.

Two hours.

Not only did I feel nasty, but I was having a hard time concentrating. Being in a field where it is critical to give correct, factual information — I knew I was not on top of my game. I didn’t want to hurt my overall job performance because I couldn’t comprehend the words that were on the screen in front of me.

So, I went home.

I slept the majority of the day. I’m not normally a big napper, so it definitely told me something when I slept in the middle of the day from 11ish to 3. Then I basically piddled around until Alex got home.

Even though I was feeling under the weather, we headed to Men’s Wearhouse to finally pick out Alex and his groomsmen’s tuxs. Thankfully all I had to do was sit there and blow my nose twenty million times.

(This was me.)

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We picked out all the tuxs! An hour and a half later we were bank in the comfort of our empty apartment watching the last season of Lost.

Unfortunately we were awoken by fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars shortly after we hit the sack.

The complex across the way from us definitely has some shady activity there quite often. It made us both thankful that we only have a couple more nights to be in our apartment.

Gasp. Two nights to be exact.

Then we’ll be in the comfort of our very own, new home.


I made it to work this morning. I am having an easier time concentrating today, but an equally difficult time breathing, not snotting on myself, and swallowing. I’m hoping this cold/sickness goes away quickly! My neighbors and I are all feeling gross, and considering they are the people helping us with the move — it’s no good that we’re all sick.

Thankfully Alex still feels okay. Oh, but he has that herniated disk in his back thing…. erg. We’re a mess.

Wish us luck.

All I can say is…

Thank God for Puffs!!

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6 thoughts on “Puffs to the Rescue!

  1. thank goodness for real tissues – they make a huge difference. i have a bad cold right now and have been going through a lot. i tried to use a chickfila napkin to wipe my nose last night and it was painful! hope you get better soon 🙂

  2. Ugh – hope you feel better soon. I’m also a big baby when I’m sick. I can’t concentrate or seem be able to do anything myself. I find it as a good opportunity to whine 🙂

    Hooray for picking out tuxes! I can’t wait to work on that!

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