Weekend Blowout

Hello Tuesday. It’s so nice that you’re not Monday. We should have Mondays off more often. Having Monday off makes it a treat rather than a lump of coal, doesn’t it?

My weekend most notably started out with a big Steelers win over the Ravens. How much do you want to bet that I wasn’t screaming and jumping up and down through that game?

Answer: None. That’s a stupid bet. Of course I was.

Alex and I watched both of the Saturday games at my MOH, Rachel and her boyfriend’s apartment. Unfortunately for them, they’re both Raven’s fan. I really wasn’t a good sport and continued to dance through the apartment singing, “black and yellow, black  and yellow, black and yellow.”

Hopefully they invite us back.

Alex is a Green Bay fan, who in case you missed, won their game as well. We were a happy couple on Saturday night.


Here’s a picture Alex snapped as I was being a bad friend and bragging.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Although I’m still super pumped up about our big win, I feel like I should become a better fan. Instead of dancing around my friends, I should high five them for a game well done (I mean it was a dynamite game). You can’t be on the winning team every day, and eventually I’ll be on the losing side. When that day comes, I hope to not be surrounded with irritating fans (like myself). Lesson learned: be less annoying.

After church on Sunday, we packed up and hauled a load over to the new house. On our way back we made a couple pit stops at Home Depot and a couple furniture stores. We finished the day up with a filling happy hour and football.

Hey, Hey.



Later on that evening, we decided it was a good idea to watch Inception. While the rest of us were busy adding new wrinkles to our brain, Kim decided it was a good time to nap with the dog.

How can you sleep through this movie???

Honestly, I need to watch Inception 15 more times before I grasp the entire idea. Fantastic movie though (that is, if you’re into movies you really have to think about).

 Monday began with a nice long sleep. If you know me or Alex, you may know that neither of us sleep in. It was definitely a nice surprise to crawl out of bed at 8:50. Way to go team!

The day continued with more moving and more packing. All we have left in our apartment is our furniture, our clothes, a couple pairs of shoes, and enough dishes for the week.

Oh. And a TV+ a playstation.

And maybe a dog.

Speaking of dogs, Hunter decided to get healthy this weekend.

Give me more!

Thanks Mom!

Now I have a cold and I’m praying I feel better by the big move on Saturday.

How was your weekend?

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