Wedding Registries

Wedding Registries

I originally thought that registering for our wedding would be all smiles and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, it has been fun picking out things for our new house with the knowledge that in a couple months we’ll have all kinds of new stuff. It’s been really stressful though! My thought is that our first wedding registry experience wasn’t too good, so it’s left me feeling anxious.

Here’s what happened…

One of the places we registered at is Williams Sonoma. Alex and I love walking through the store every time we’re at the mall. It’s completely packed with wonderful kitchen supplies that we would love to stock our home with.

When you start to think about registering, what pops into your mind? Probably walking through a big store with a scanner in your hand, am I right?


I thought so.

So we headed out to the mall after the first of the year to miss the holiday rush. We were all-around pumped up for the experience! Once we got to WS though, everything changed. We waited at the cash register for at least ten minutes before someone helped up. The mall was still crowded and in turn, super hot! We pushed around the store looking for things that we thought would work for us. The scanner ended up being broken and we spent what seemed like an eternity trying to get the dang thing to work.

We both got frustrated with the whole situation. We argued about what color towels would look best in the kitchen that we hadn’t even picked out paint colors for. It was completely un-fun. It was time to leave and we both knew it.

The rest of our registering process has been pretty uneventful. Rather than spending our days in swarming stores, we’ve enjoyed the comfort of our own home.

flannel love

We have spent many a’ hours buddle up in flannel pajamas on our couch picking out our new goods. We’re not completely finished though. We still want to pick out towels, bath mats, and probably extra sheets for our spare bedrooms. These are things we don’t feel comfortable picking out online. We want to feel the thickness of the towels, the softness of the sheets (you get the picture).

Anyways, after many hours of frustration we’re almost finished. We’ve got over a hundred gifts as ideas for people. They range from pots and pans to vases, tissue holders, and bride and groom Tervis Tumblers. (I registered for that without Alex’s permission of course!)


If you want to check out the registries now (remember they are not finished yet!!) we’re at:

Williams Sonoma (obviously)

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Just search us by name (either my full name or Alex’s will work).  Considering the amount of guests that are planning to attend the wedding, I have a feeling we’re going to be doing a lot of adding in the future. So don’t use this as a final list, sound good? Good!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Registries

  1. Oh my goodness…I almost completely forgot about this part of wedding planning. So sorry that your first attempt was a dud.

    We plan on registering online at Amazon and Crate and Barrel. I’m afraid to start too early though and they discontinue what we want.

  2. I started our registry online by adding essentials to our list that I knew he wasn’t going to be excited about (hello forks & spoons?!) I left the fun stuff for a day that we were both bored (and broke) and we picked out more exciting gadgets (Keurig coffee maker, icecrusher blender, kitchen-aid stand mixer). I’d try that. Good luck!

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