Settlement + Packing

Friday afternoon I was able to jet out of work a little early to make it in time for settlement. I met Alex at the apartment so we could drive over to our realtor’s office together.

All day long we kept sending each other messages saying how excited we were! It just seemed so unreal that we were about to officially become homeowners. We’ve been talking about that day for so long that I couldn’t fathom it was actually here.

We were the last ones to arrive at settlement. The sellers got there early to sign all their papers, so that it would speed the process up. It only took about 45 minutes to sign our life away. We left a whole heck of a lot poorer, but with new keys in our hands!

After a quick meeting with our wedding DJ (post to come), it was time to celebrate! My mom came by for a quick drink with us and our neighbors. The rest of the evening was pretty typical. You know — dancing, champagne toasts, that sort of thing.


Saturday morning started with a breakfast date with Alex’s sister and her two boys. After breakfast, we made a pit-stop at Costco to pick up some necessities. Then we had to run home and pick up the pup to get groomed!

We made three more stops before it was time to go home. We had been running around for hours and were completely exhausted. Later that afternoon we picked up Hunter and hurried home for some quality playoff games. Hunter knows something is going on with us and has been acting really anxious. Something tells me that he thinks we’re leaving him. He actually made himself sick on Saturday just from worrying! If only I could tell him — “No silly, you’re coming with us!”


Sunday was our busy day! We both woke up early to get our day started. By 10 o’clock I was already at my mom’s house. We were having a wedding planning brunch! Unfortunately my MOH, Rachel, was sick all weekend with a stomach flu and wasn’t able to join us. My mom, (girl) Alex, Joann, and I ate quiche, drank mimosas, and planned the bridal shower and the bachelorette party!

(I’ll do another wedding related post to recap the details)

Alex (the boy) and our neighbor, Joe, made multiple trips to the new house to drop things off that we’ve already packed up. Even though the people that we bought the house from our renting from us right now, they are letting us drop things off in the shed in the back yard. This will definitely make moving in next weekend easier!

After they moved a ton of stuff, they joined us at my mom’s house. We enjoyed the playoff games with some chili, meatballs, and cornbread. It was nice to relax after an action-packed weekend.

As soon as we got home though, we got to work! More packing!

I can’t believe we have so much stuff.

Our spare bedroom started looking like this on Sunday….

Packed full

To this…

Stacked up

And this…

Packed up!

And our apartment pretty much looks like this now…

Empty and boxed

It still feels unreal that in a week and a half we’ll be living in our own house. We only have one more weekend in our apartment. One more weekend to say goodbye, one more weekend to get everything ready. And although we’re ecstatic to be moving into our new home, we’re also sad to be leaving our apartment. We’ll miss our neighbors being within shouting distance and we’ll also miss the convenience of living in a city with everything around.

Yes, we might be leaving behind a place where we made so many memories — but we’ll be moving into a place that we’ll make our home.

Want to help us move next weekend? We could use all the help we could get! I’ll even make lots of yummy food — and give you beer!


7 thoughts on “Settlement + Packing

  1. We did the same about 4 months ago. It’s a strange but great feeling! You do feel like you sign your life away. I like to think of it as signing up for our new life 🙂 When will we get to see pics of the new pad?! Don’t for get some champagne for your 1st night!

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