And a Happy New Year to all

Here’s my recap of New Year’s Eve. Yes, I know it’s already Thursday and NYE was last Friday, but I’m thinking since I just posted our tasting recap and that was before Christmas — I’m doing good! I mean it hasn’t even been a whole week yet!!

Anyways… back on track.

I was one of seven people in the entire state that actually had to go to work last Friday. When I left early in the AM and I was the only car that had pulled out of their parking spot in the entire apartment complex, I was pretty bummed out.

Thankfully I made it through the work day and then I booked it home!

sidenote: Alex has had a pretty serious back injury for a few months now. He’s had a MRI done and was told he had a herniated disk. We keep hoping that it miraculously goes away. For the most part he was able to moderate the pain by limiting his activity and pain medications every now and then.

Unfortunately, his back practically gave out on him last Friday. He’s been battling severe pain since Friday and is hoping to see the doctor soon. With that in mind…..

I rushed home on Friday to take care of the mister. We originally wanted to do something fun on NYE, that would include going out somewhere. All of us decided that the money we would end up spending, along with Alex’s re-injury — we were going to stay home.

I couldn’t be happier that we made this decision.

Without further adieu, here’s our night in pictures.

Hunter chasing his new toy

Our neighbor (and friend) Joe bought Alex and himself helicopters to play with (you know since they’re eight years old). Hunter has been in love ever since. Every time he even hears that toy, he jumps up and chases it through the apartment.


We ate a ton of food. (I know you’re thinking … “well, duh!”)


We took neighborly pictures.

Can't you just feel the love?

At midnight we enjoy some champagne.


Take 2!

We were upset when the glasses were empty.

Um What?

Empty... ugh.

Then we decided to get over it.

Smiles again

Some people even kissed at midnight.


Apparently Alex and I didn’t though, since no one felt it was necessary to document.

Hunter got some love.

Look at me Momma!

He also continued to play.

I'm gonna get it!

That was pretty much the entire night.

The next morning consisted of a delicious version of Breakfast Pizza.

far away

And up close…


Hunter continued to play.

Now it's mine!

Then Alex killed Christmas….


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!

Happy Thursday!

Guess what tomorrow is???


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