Where we’ve been & where we’re going

So I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and a lot has changed. Before I created my own blog, I mainly read healthy living blogs. These type of bloggers focus on eating healthy, documenting their food, keeping track of their work outs, and inspiring others to get healthy.

When I started my blog, this is exactly what I did. These girls helped me get back in shape and learn to enjoy working out again. Considering that these were the blogs I was reading, it’s no surprise that this is what I started blogging about. It is even less of a surprise that family and friends that started reading my blog (and are not avid blog readers like me) thought I was absolutely crazy that I took pictures of my meals.

See here, here, here, or here if you don’t believe me.

After a couple months I came to the realization that taking pictures of my food, just wasn’t really my thing. I started to feel like I had to eat a certain way, or just a small amount of food — and it was just crampin’ my style. I still wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle though. So I created a Fitness tab at the top of my screen.

Every day after my work out, I would immediately jump on my blog and wrote down what I did. There were a few things that I really liked about this.

  1. It let me see all the progress that I made over the months
  2. It kept me on track
  3. I felt proud of myself every time I looked at the list as a whole

Even though there were good parts about the Fitness tab, I ultimately deleted it from my page. I started to feel tied down. I felt like I had to always do something better and harder. I had to prove that I was in shape. If I was tired and needed a break, I felt guilty and ashamed. I started feeling like exercising was a chore rather than something I enjoyed.

So I deleted it.

Sometimes I miss it. I wish I could still go back and see all the work I did. I’m not changing my mind though!

If you’ve been reading for awhile, I’m sure you’ve notice that my blog has changed a bit. Now I mainly focus on things that are happening in my day to day life. I don’t really discuss my meals at all, and I rarely talk about working out. It’s not that those things aren’t still important to me, but I they just don’t consume my life.

I write about my doggie.

I talk about wedding planning.

Lately I’ve been focusing on buying a house.

Sometimes I complain.

But that’s life.

Here’s the top posts from the year (by number of views)

  1. I said YES
  2. What a Fantastic Night
  3. Another Step in the Right Direction
  4. Location & Date: Check!
  5. Homeowners
  6. And the Celebration Continues
  7. My Wedding Band: Check!
  8. And the Planning Begins…
  9. Weekend in a Flash
  10. A Post to Pops

Your favorite picture of the year (runner up to the picture of me with flowers on the sidebar)


Where there any posts that you loved that didn’t make the list?

There’s one of mine! My latest favorite was when I wrote Twas a Week Before Christmas. It took me the entire work day to come up with this!!

Do you have any visions of where you’d like this blog to go? Anything you’d like to see more of? Less of?

Happy New Year!!


6 thoughts on “Where we’ve been & where we’re going

  1. I’m a fan of blogs that focus on several different aspects of people’s lives, rather than just one. So, I definitely like the way you’ve set up this blog 🙂

    Happy New Year! Hope 2011 treats you well!

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