Cee Lo and Christmas Cookin’

This weekend was completely full of holiday baking, holiday shopping, and even some dancing.

We did some of this…

Cookie King

And this…

Christmas Cookies

Oh and a little of this…

Treats treats treats

To make bags of these…


We also did a lot of this…

Wrappy Wraps

We started collected these…

Dept 56

We also had a nice long walk…

Frozen Lake




Snowy Pup 🙂

Finally…. we did some dancing.

Disclaimer – if you know me personally, you also know I rarely curse. I don’t necessarily take offense when other people curse, it’s just not really my thing. Most of the time I think it’s slightly unattractive. Please don’t think that I have any issues with you if you do curse – like I said, just not my thing. Anywho — Remember how good Gwenyth Paltrow was on Glee a couple weeks ago. She sang Cee Lo’s Forget You.

Well — in the real version of this song, the words Forget you.. are slightly different. The “forget” is replaced with another, more offensive F word.

Well over the weekend, this song came on through Pandora while Alex and I were hanging with our neighbors. All of the sudden, I felt the urge to jump up on the couch and dance my hiney off. Here’s the finished product.

(If you may take offense to the F word (like I normally do) — turn your volume off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Watch at your own risk!

Click here to go to Youtube and watch me dancing to Cee Lo.

Our wedding reception is clearly going to be a fantastic time.

Now that we have that out of the way…. stay tuned for a fun wedding post 🙂


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