Winter Wonderland

Here we go with snow number two.

Last week it snowed about a half of an inch or so. It was no big deal, but traffic was still affected. Today rolled in with snow numero dos of this winter. It still isn’t going to be a big deal.. probably one – three inches, but I do live in Maryland and no matter how much snow is coming down – people start driving like maniacs and the roads basically shut down.

Thankfully I worked lots of overtime on Monday and was able to use some of it in today’s schedule and jet out of work an hour early. The traffic wasn’t terrible — all thing considered.

Here’s what today looks like around my neck ‘o the woods.

Outside work

Take 2

I know these aren’t the best pictures coming up, but I got home from work and the dog was going nuts in the snow! I just couldn’t resist sharing!!

Run Run Run!!

Crazy dog!

Can you even tell there’s a dog in those pictures?

Probably not. Sorry.

After last year’s snow though, I feel like I can never complain. For those of you who aren’t from the area, last February Maryland got hit with the most snow in MD history! We got over two feet of snow dumped on us in a matter of hours. Then we got at least that much dropped on us the following day. It was an absolute disaster.

Basically the entire state was shut down.

For those of you from around here, remember this??

Chest level snow

Snow all the way up to the ping pong table

Our view from the inside

It took us days to shovel out of this mess. Alex was out of town for work and I got snowed in at my mom’s house for over a week. We definitely had a blast. Lots of cookies, chili, and all kinds of other grub was made!

Then I threw out my back shoveling and all the fun was gone.

For some reason I have a dark feeling that we’re going to have a similar winter this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we have a more manageable winter. What do you think?


I got a  great question on my Q&A’s asking if I was going to be guessing who asked what questions. The answer is no. I want every one to feel comfortable asking whatever you’d like.

So go ahead, get asking!!

So far I have a handful of good ones, I’m just waiting on a few more and I’ll do a great post with them all answered! YAY! 🙂

Happy almost FRIDAY!


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