House News

Yesterday afternoon Alex sent me a text message that definitely changed our life.

The sellers have agreed to do all the repairs we requested. We’re not paying anything out of pocket for them to be finished. We were terrified that they would come back saying no, and forcing us to walk away from the house.

But, they didn’t.

They said yes.

The house was also appraised for how much we’re paying for it, which means our home loan is good to go.

We’re almost homeowners.

Short of the sellers destroying the house as they walk out of the door, the house is ours.


A place to call our home. A place for our things. A place where we’ll make memories and start a family. A place filled with love.

Our place.

Our settlement date is January 7th. The sellers will rent from us for a couple weeks, so we’ll be moving in around the 20th.

One more month and we’ll be in our home. Ours.

I never thought that I would settle down and start my own family about 14 miles from the house I grew up in as a child. Who would have guessed that we would buy a house located 2 miles from my mom’s house?

This is the place we’ll be calling home…

Home Sweet Home


8 thoughts on “Homeowners!

  1. Wow good for you guys, the house looks great, I hope you will carry on the tradition of having the pig roast like you folks did, it looks like the the perfect place for that.


  2. Wow that place is huge! Can I get your job so I can afford a place like that??!?! I’ve been looking at homes around MD and everything I end up liking is 100k over my budget. Congrats to you both and Mr. Tucker!

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