It’s Beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas

MAN! Is it cold outside or what????

Every day it’s just getting colder!! This morning as I struggled to get out of bed, I decided to take a look at the weather before I bundled up to take the pup for his walk. BAD IDEA. As soon as my iPhone revealed that it was 25 degrees outside with 20 mph winds, making it feel like it was 16 degrees out — I decided it was a good time to go back to bed.

Twenty minutes later, I rolled out of bed and straight into my snow clothes. HOLY COW. Not only was it freezing, but it was so windy that I basically blew over.

I’m surprised my face didn’t fall off, as it was the only part of my body exposed to the bitter cold.

It was awful.

I always look forward to the changing seasons, but this go ’round I’m not sure I’m prepared for the frigidness of winter. All I can hope for is that we get spared from another winter like last year. I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely not hoping for another 3 feet of snow!

Last night it was just as cold when we took Hunter for his walk before bed. Here is a picture of us freezing once we got back in!


The concert

Last week Alex and I headed to DC to see Michael Bublé in concert. First, we stopped in a cool little Irish bar/restaurant for some dinner. The food was nothing to brag about, but the atmosphere was awesome. The entire inside was covered in stone and I couldn’t help but to think I was in a Harry Potter movie! It was super dark inside the restaurant, but here is a picture of the inside of the place.

See the stone??

And here we are…

Pre Concert

Once we got to the stadium, we were pleasantly surprised by our great seats! We were directly in the middle of the stadium and in the first raised platform. I’m glad we weren’t directly on the ground level. Due to my short stature, I would have definitely been struggling to see.

Everyone finding their seats

We were about 15 rows back from floor level. The opening act was an acapella group from New York called Naturally 7. They had a great sound and played a lot of Motown songs that really got the crowd involved.

Michael was absolutely great in concert. He’s one of those performers that talks to you between songs. He makes fun of himself, tells the crowd stories, and even picks on our hometown sports teams. His voice was fantastic. The acoustics of the stadium really brought the sound to life. You could feel yourself completely surrounded by the music. If you get a chance to see Michael Bublé and enjoy that type of music, I would definitely recommend seeing him. I took a couple pictures and videos. Here’s another picture from our seats once the show started.

Go see him now!

Enjoying the show!

I’m not going to post my video just because I don’t want to get involved with any copyright issues. Just imagine him singing “Haven’t Met you Yet” from my seat.

House Hurdles

If you’ve been with us for awhile now, you know that we’re in the process of buying our first house. We’ve put in a contract, they’ve accepted it, and finally we’ve had all of the inspections done. At this point we’ve made a brief list of things we think are imperative to fix prior to us moving in. The sellers have not been extremely cooperative through the process, so Alex and I are waiting anxiously to hear their response. Keep us in your thoughts! We’d love to live in this house and would hate from something to get in our way at this point!!


At the end of last week, our crazy bud starting limping. At first it was just something we could barely see and then within a day or so, it got pretty bad. We were both really worried about him and scheduled a vet appointment for Sunday. Before Sunday even arrived, the limp was gone and Hunter was back to his nuts-o ways. He needed a couple of shots though, so we decided to keep the appointment. Once there, we learned Hunter was……… 82.7 pounds!!!!

What a porker!!?!

So needless to say, the little man is on a diet.


It probably doesn’t help that we spoil that boy like crazy, huh? Maybe less bones??

In the Spirit

Just because I love Christmas….


Why isn't every day Christmas?




4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas

  1. I saw Michael Buble last year, isn’t he awesome? I was impressed with Naturally 7 too – they are pretty awesome!

    Our pup is on a diet too, my old house was three stories but my new house is only one. Um, we’ve both put on a few LB’s. 😉

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