Weekend in a Flash

Doesn’t Monday night always feel so good? While Monday morning and Monday day normally stink, Monday night always feels like a deep exhale. It’s a time to hit the sack early and catch up on a whole lotta procrastination.

There’s nothing like starting the week off with a couple bad decisions, right?

I’ve been a busy, busy girl. Not only was this weekend filled with a thousand errands, it was also filled with way too much fun. Normally I’m a planner and like to have everything laid out ahead of time, but this weekend was as spontaneous as Hunter barking at imaginary things outside and man, was it fun!

Here are some fantastic iPhone pictures from this past weekend.

These two are actually from Thursday night’s mother-daughter dinner at my favorite restaurant.

A little wine

And lots of love 🙂

Friday morning started with a beautiful drive to work.

See- I told ya!

Friday night was left undocumented. It included a fantastic girls night happy hour followed with a random party(ish) at my mom’s house. We stayed up later than I have in months! It was way too fun!

Saturday was jam packed with errands. But first we started the day off with a mimosa.


Then it was time to get busy! Our errands included picking up Alex’s truck, grabbing my new license plates, spending too much money in Hobby Lobby, sucking down a beer and some crab dip, making a Congrats gift, and finally enjoying the company of neighbors. We all miss Alex (me especially) and are hoping he gets home soon to join our fun!

Hobby Lobby damages

Let’s talk about Hobby Lobby for a second. Do they have one of these by you? Do you like Michael’s? Have you been known to wonder around and require supervision at Home Goods?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, do not (and I repeat) DO NOT enter a Hobby Lobby. You will spend hours and your entire paycheck in this store. Not only is everything on sale, but it is literally the size of a Costco and you’ll be found a week later lost, wandering around the wedding aisle. This I promise you.

Anyways.. moving on.

Pictures of our Congrats gift will be in my next post with a recipe 🙂

Sunday was spent at an open house. Alex and I have found our dream house. We’re desperately hoping that it will still be available when he gets home so we can get the ball rolling on putting an offer down. Wish us luck!

There were also pretty walks with the pup.

I'll miss you while your gone

All in all, it was a jam packed weekend.

Monday started out on the wrong foot. I got to work and one of my most prized possessions broke. Alex found this aluminum ring on the floor the day we picked our wedding location. He bent down and asked me to marry him again. It was definitely a joke and we got a good laugh out of it. Weirdly, I grew attached to that thing and today it broke 😦 I wore it every day for six months and here it lay on my desk in ruins.

Really? Did this have to happen?

Other not so pleasant things happened today that I’d like to forget about. SO, I’m going to take a bath and sleep till my alarm yells at me in the AM!

See ya then for a recipe!


6 thoughts on “Weekend in a Flash

  1. #1, you and your mom look so much alike! 🙂
    #2, you know, I’ve never been to Hobby Lobby, we’ve only got A.C. Moore in Moco, but sounds like it’d be right up my alley
    #3, that tree picture is sooo pretty
    #4, hope your Tuesday is better!

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