Photographer, Florist, Dogs, and Men

Good Morning! Happy Hump Day!

I’ve got some updates, so let’s get started.

Wedding updates:

We officially have a photographer! I put the deposit down yesterday and I’m really looking forward to working with them. They’re a husband and wife team. They have a special going on right now to get an extra hour free! So.. our package includes seven hours of photography, two photographers, a 20 page 10×10 photo album that holds 60 pictures, a CD with the rights to print our pictures whenever we want, and a really reasonable price!

They break down the costs into two additional payments. I think this is really helpful so that we’re not left with a giant bill right before/after the wedding. Take a look at some of their photo albums here.

More wedding shenanigans:


I’ve been in contact with a florist and we’re starting to draw up some ideas. Since our location is so beautifully landscaped and decorated already, I really want the flowers and accents to be a simple addition. Although lots of flowers are always beautiful, I don’t want to take away from our location’s natural beauty. Hopefully I’ll be meeting with our potential florist in the next week or so to finalize our thoughts. Wish me luck!


We also have been looking at honeymoon destinations. We’re pretty set on going to Canada, although we’re not definite on the area. Originally we wanted to go to Vancouver, but now looking at pricing and packaging we’re not hard-pressed. Alex and I aren’t hardcore beach lovers. Of course I love a trip to the beach now and then, but we’re more outdoorsy-adventure-kind of people. We don’t want to spend our week hiatus sprawled out on a hot beach. Ehh… no thanks.

One of these days....

Hunter wants to say hi! He’s been rather lonely 😦

Pouty Pup

He’s been super cuddly lately.

WOAH! Try to get a little closer Hunterbud

Sleepy Pup

I’m working on my new task 30 Things Your Mom was Right About and should be starting that soon! Keep your eye out for that 🙂

Alex update — He has made it safely to his destination. He’ll be there for a little less than a week and should be home halfway through new week. Wish him safe travels! For some reason he’s phone connection won’t connect with my phone! I borrowed a phone from one of my neighbors last night and got him to call me on that phone. We were finally able to talk! I flew through all my updates and sounded like a crazed maniac. Thankfully that man loves me — or he would think I’m nuts.

Well, he probably still thinks I’m nuts. Oh well.

3 thoughts on “Photographer, Florist, Dogs, and Men

  1. so I completely discredit your photograher while only viewing the website for three seconds. Anyone who is in the art industry who uses papyrus as a legit font needs to go back to school and should be beaten with a switch or stung by a swarm of bees. graphic design rant over.

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