Daylight Savings Time.

Bah Humbug.

We’ll start with the positives:

  • It’s light when I take the pup out in the morning.
  • It’s light when I’m driving to work.

Um…. that’s all.


  • It gets dark before I even leave work for the day.
  • I’m falling asleep at my desk.
  • It’s going to be pitch black when I get home.
  • It makes me go to bed at the ripe hour of 7 pm.
  • Do people still farm? Is it still necessary?

I try my absolute hardest to see the positive in every situation. Some situations are easier than others to contort in my little head. I feel that I love all seasons equally. I don’t discriminate based on the number of holidays, the temperature, or cool weather phenomenons (ie flowers blooming, leaves turning, or snow falling) in each season. I’m a season lover. And that’s why I live in a state that gives equal opportunity to each season.

Now that November is here, it’s brought the chilling temperatures and dark, dark evenings. Sure it’s nice when you’re curled up next to the fire with your fiancé and puppy. What about the rest of those days though?

At least I’ll be catching up on my sleep this winter? Bye, bye productivity.

Winter Blues

Thirty Day Update!

I’ve decided what my thirty day task is! My mom came up to me, which is seriously fitting…. but my task is—-

30 things your Mom was right about

Imagine all those pieces of advice your parents gave you as a child. Now think about how many of those snack-sized lessons you tossed under a bus to get splashed by a muddy puddle. Wouldn’t life be easier if you had listened to your parents the first go-round and not forced yourself to make all those mistakes just to come to the same conclusion?

I think so.

So here in lies my task for the next thirty days. Before we get started, are there any things that you wished you listened to your parents about??

Now don’t go crazy or anything and guess every single entry for the next thirty days. That would take all the fun out of everything.

Parting words – enjoy the dark. enjoy the cold. and enjoy you’re nice warm bed with some hot chocolate.

Thank goodness Monday is almost over!!


2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time.

  1. I would rather it be dark in the morning than dark when I am driving home. I feel like I have wasted my day in my cube when I don’t see daylight, ever. Plus the sun glare driving down 83 in the morning makes every drive a snails pace…come back summer!

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