Over the last twenty four hours I’ve been on a serious wedding kick. This coming Sunday marks six months to the day that I will go from a Miss. to a Mrs.


(Yes, people still say wowzers. Or I do at least.)

Anyways, I realized the huge amount of work left to be done and I’ve really been getting the ball rolling! I have:

  • Contacted the ceremony/reception venue to check in.
  • Received a recommended list of florists and photographers from the venue.
  • Sent out emails to said companies.
  • Looked at honeymoon tickets and hotels.
  • Scheduled a tasting for appetizers, entrees, and cake.
  • Looked at travel agents in the area and sent out a couple emails.
  • Checked out invitations.
  • Narrowed down registries!

Alex is absolutely thrilled that I always wait till he’s gone to get the planning done. Obviously he wants a nice wedding as well, but he doesn’t necessarily care the type of flower that’s being used for the bouquets. I always run everything by him for approval (just in case!) 😉

It’s actually been pretty exciting seeing everything come together! I can’t believe the big day is only 6 months away. Six months goes by so quick, I know the day will be here in a blink of an eye!

So Close!

Moving on….

Every Friday at work, two members of my team are responsible for making breakfast for every one. This week was my turn! I decided to make my Blueberry French Toast Bake. It starts out looking like this….


It ended up looking like this…


Do you think that my team liked it? It’s pretty hard to tell isn’t it?


We have the strangest dog in the entire world. Last night after our walk, I couldn’t find him (yet again). This has now become the first place I look for him…. because he’s always there. How weird of a hiding place is this??

uhhh -- hey dog?

Happy Friday!

What are your weekend plans??


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