Happy Thoughts

This morning I said goodbye to Alex as he headed out of town for two weeks. Rather than filling my head with mopey, sad thoughts on this rainy, grey Maryland day — I’m going to try to be positive for the entire day.

Here are some of the thoughts that fill my head:

  • Yes, I won’t have anyone to meet me at the door when I walk in from work, but I’m going to imagine how great it will be once he gets back
  • Yes, I may get bored. BUT I’ll have lots of time to get my studying done.
  • Yes, it’s raining and cold all day. BUT it could be snowing and we could definitely use the rain.
  • At least when the man returns we can return to our house hunting!
  • Once he gets back Thanksgiving will be right around the corner!
  • Now I won’t have any competition for Hunter’s love and affection 😉

One of my personal goals is try to see the positive in every situation. I’ve found it’s so easy to dwell on the negatives, when in reality nothing is ever as bad as you make it out to be.

So what that it’s raining and dark today? I’m not going to let myself have a bad because of it!

(I imagine that if I think this 100 times over — it will actually happen 🙂 )

Blog Ideas

So last night Alex and I watched Julie & Julia. Overall I thought it was a pretty cute movie. I definitely didn’t love it, but if it came on TV I wouldn’t turn the channel. If you haven’t seen the movie the basic premise is that Julie gives herself 365 days to go through Julia Child’s entire The Art of Mastering French Cooking cookbook. Although I don’t have the time, patience, or money to go through 500+ new recipes in a year, I like the idea of having a task to complete.

I’ve seen bloggers go through similar tasks. Recently Tina from Faith, Fitness, Fun finished 30 Days of Self Love. I’m trying to brainstorm a similar undertaking. Have any ideas that you’d like to see me write about for a month??

Learning photography? Recipes? Fitness? Self Appreciation? Seeing life positively?

Let’s think of some ideas and then take a vote! Let me know!!!

Let's hear it!

Speaking of voting, how amazing is it not to have political advertising consume your TV?


8 thoughts on “Thoughts/Ideas

  1. Another positive thing about Alex being gone: you are free to dance around the apartment in your wedding dress all that you want without any bad luck!!!

  2. Come over and spend time with MEEEE!!! My hubs is working a different shift than me and I’m so so bored!

    I always love to read about creative recipes, so food always gets my vote. 😀

  3. So excited I do not have to see anymore O’Mally and Erlich crap!

    My bf lives in NYC now so I know how it feels to have them so far away. How is the wedding planning going with him being gone?

  4. start submitting articles to various newspapers so you can become a future journalist…your blogs draw people constantly and your thoughts, recipes and ideas brighten their days!

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