Little Things + Randoms

Here are some of the little things that I absolutely love every day (in no particular order):

  • Laughing at my morning radio show on the way in to work
  • Getting Hunter kisses when I wake up and then again when I get home at night
  • Having Alex walk me down to my car every morning before I leave
  • Getting messages on my car window

Alex draws this on my window EVERY DAY
  • The feeling I get immediately after working out
  • Getting a “good morning email” from my Mom 🙂
  • Walking in the door to a big, giant hug (and kiss 😉 )


Alex is leaving tomorrow for a two week trip. Although two weeks will go by in a flash compared to three months, I’m just getting used to him being home and sad to see him leave again. Thankfully we’ll be able to talk while he’s away — so in all honesty it won’t be too unbearable.

I’ve started studying for my second exam at work and I’m thankful this test is not nearly as long and stressful as the first. Considering I’ll have a couple weeks to myself, I should be able to crank this studying out soon.

Of possible interest:

Delicious recipes I’m dying to try:

Which one should I try first??

What are things that made you smile today?

Have any good recipes you’re dying to try??


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