I’m Back!

Hello strangers!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything and for that I’m so, so sorry. It’s been a hectic, crazy couple of weeks and I couldn’t be happier that they’re over.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’ve been studying for an exam at work. I had a 4 month window to get all my studying done. Yesterday I finally took the test.

I passed!

I was getting pretty stressed that after four long months of studying I wouldn’t get a passing grade. Yesterday morning I was more than thrilled that it was all over. Now I’m going to be opening a window for my second exam. It’s much shorter than the first and I’ve heard from many that it’s easier as well. In about a week or so I’ll begin studying for that one.

If I wasn’t at work — I was studying for work.

And if I wasn’t studying for work — I was looking for a car.


Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed ya.

Two weeks ago (to the day) I was driving home from work on a major highway. All of the sudden I smelled this terrible burning smell. I kept thinking, “wow whoever’s car that is is in a heap of trouble.” A half a mile down the road my car completely died.

When I say died I mean, it stopped running completely. It turned off.

It died.

I was stuck on the side of a huge highway. In the rain. Thankfully Katey (my brother’s girlfriend) has AAA and was able to stop by to get my car towed. Alex drove me to work for a couple days while my car was inspected at the shop. Unfortunately, the little bug’s timing belt blew — which in turn caused irreversible damage to my engine. It would have cost more to fix it than the car was worth. So we called it quits and donated the bug to charity.

I was car-less for almost two full weeks. A friend from work lives nearby and was able to give me a ride to and from work last week. After spending the weekend going from car dealership to car dealership I finally got a new car on Monday.

And…. now I’m in love.

I got a Honda Accord. It’s black with tan leather interior. It’s a V6 and MAN does it go fast when I want it to. I’ve been driving around town like it’s nobody’s business with my sunroof open and my music blaring.

All I want to do is drive around. I’ve never been a huge car fan. But now I just want to show my car off and clean it and love it.

I’ll put up some pictures — don’t worry your pretty little heads off.


On top of looking for a car and studying for my giant test, Alex and I met with our realtor to look at houses. We both took a few days off at the end of last week and spent the entire day on Thursday driving around looking for houses. We found one that we both absolutely love! We’re trying to decide when the best time will be to put a contract/bid down on the house. I’ll give you more updates as they come!

Friday afternoon one of my bridesmaids, Liz, flew up to stay with us for the weekend. Liz and I met at Florida State and have stayed great friends over 5 years. We had such a blast! We went out, we stayed in, we made lots of yummy grub, we hung out with friends and neighbors, we had a wedding party brunch, and even did some wedding planning!

It was such a busy weekend!

Thanks for staying with me while I was a hermit the last couple of weeks!!


3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. so glad you passed the test! congrats!

    congrats even more on your car! I want a new car pretty bad, but Im triyng to wait till mine dies. Its only got 99k on it so it may be awhile!

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