Where I’ve been

I have been so MIA lately.

Literally my mom has to send me emails periodically to make sure I’m still alive.

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but let me explain. I promise I have good reasons.

So if you missed it, Alex came home last Friday. It’s so nice to have him home! It’s funny how you realize how much you missed someone so much more when they actually come back. I can’t believe how used to being alone I was.

We had a busy, busy weekend. Saturday we looked for some potential homes and later went out to a welcome home dinner at Bonefish. After church on Sunday we ran some errands. We spent the evening at Alex’s sister and brother-in-law’s brand new home. They just moved a couple weeks ago and since we’re in the process of finding a home — we had a lot to talk about! Before we knew it, it was late and we had a long hour drive in front of us.

This week has been completely consumed with work and studying. I’ve been studying for a test to get some licenses at work. It’s been a long process and I’m finally down to the last couple weeks. My test is scheduled for the end of the month — so I’ll be a hermit until then.

I have some fun pictures from the weekend to post, but by the time I get home from work, it’s time to crack down on studying. I’m really trying to be responsible and focus my time on what’s needed to get done. I’m also taking a break from going to the gym at lunch and spending that extra hour studying at my desk.

As you can see — I’ve been busy.

Sorry that you won’t see much of me in the next couple of weeks! Just think though, once I get back — I’ll have so much to report on!

Thanks for being understanding 🙂 AND Happy Thursday!


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