Every Night

Every evening when I get home from work I spend quality time with the Hunterbud. This is after our normal walk and food time, but before “leave Mama alone, she needs to study” time.

It normally starts out relatively harmless. Mama (aka me) usually wants to snap a picture of the two of us together.

Sometimes they end well.

Still sleepy pup

More often than not, they don’t have a pretty result.

You don't need that face do you?

The next twelve to fifteen minutes are spent rough housing on the floor and  chasing each other through our 5 x 3.5 ft apartment. It’s rather difficult for me to capture any pictures during this period since… well… I’m the one running around like a crazy woman.

 After a bit — Hunter gets angry at me for some reason or another.

Eventually Hunter pouts and hides behind the blinds

 It’s normally because I’m not as fast, strong, or fun as his Dad. My response is normally “well — I can’t help it that I’m not a grown man, can I Hunterbud??” Then I pout and get my study materials ready.

“I don’t even like playing with you,” I say as I sulk back to the couch.

I’m a six year old. Don’t worry about it.

Next, Hunter gets bored of hiding behind the blinds and barking at the lights outside. He always finds his favorite toy in his time of desperation.

"I don't need you anyway"

After a few minutes and mouthfuls of tail hair later, Hunter apologizes. He kindly offers a toy as a means of forgiveness.

"I love you MA, I promise!"

Sometimes (if HB is lucky) I’ll go for one more round of wrestling.

It’s never a good idea.

Some one always gets hurt.

And it's always me.

Then I get to clean up this…


While Hunter does this…

Back to bed.

Isn’t he just the sweetest?



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