Hunter Smells.

It’s been a productive Saturday so far. Hunter unfortunately wouldn’t let me sleep in, so I was up bright and early. One good thing that came from waking up early was that I was able to catch the man’s phone call. It’s nice to hear how excited he is! He’ll be home so, so soon (if everything goes according to plan).

I met up with my Mama and Blondie for a nice stroll around a local park. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a walk. The park was getting set up for a triathlon tomorrow so it was bustling with activity along with its normal morning walkers and runners.

No fall colors yet

An odd couple

The pups!

Pretty Day!

Perfect fall day

After I got home, I busted out some chores! After tidying up around the place and washing all the bedding, I decided to tackle the dog hair situation. Hunter got furminated today! For all of you who don’t know what a furminator is but have a dog — run out to the store ASAP and buy one. It’s a dream. Look at this nasty pile of hair that came off this boy:


I bet your dog doesn't shed this much

After vacuuming up the disaster of hair that came along with this project, Hunter said thank you.

Thanks Mama!!

Off to more chores!

P.S — Yes, the title of this post has to do with Hunter having gross gas today. Jealous?


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