Weirdest Dog Contest. Go.

Sometimes at night before I crawl into bed, I hop in the bath. This isn’t something I do every day, but from time to time I really enjoy relaxing before bed. If you remember from a few months back — sometimes Hunter likes to pester me while I’m trying to relax. Last night was no different than any other night. He sat on the floor next to me the entire time and even tried to use the bath as drinking water a few times. It was slightly gross.

Anyways, I get out and go get dressed. As I make my way back into the bathroom to hang up my towel — this is what I find….

"Don't mind me..."



"Baths --- My Favorite Thing..."

Apparently Hunter has gotten over his fear of bath time.

He’s kind of weird.

Immediately after these pictures were taken, he jumped out of the bath and sprinted around the apartment leaving a wet, messy trail behind him.

How sweet.

He also chews the eyes off toys his Momma nicely gave to him.

"He's cuter this way Mom."

Remember how cute this little guy’s eyes were?? UGH.

Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Weirdest Dog Contest. Go.

  1. This is my family’s dog to a tee. She likes trying to drink soapy bath water. She also whines when the toliet seat is closed and can’t get a drink. God I love dogs.

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