Worldly Updates

A couple things:

What’s with Tom Brady’s Bieber haircut?

Apparently Brady has Bieber Fever.

Apparently it’s all the girlfriend’s fault. Isn’t everything always the girlfriend’s fault? Read the whole story here.  So now, the fabulous Tom Brady will not only be crying during games when he loses or gets hurt, he’ll also be crying when he’s hair gets stuck in his eye. Way to go Tom.

Next up..

If you have been living under a rock the last couple days and missed this — the inventor of the Segway died in a Segway accident.  Check it here. Let’s go ahead and cue some Alanis Morissette. Enjoy this classic as you read about the accident. (Sorry I’m not really that heartless.. I Promise! It was funny! Right? RIGHT??) 🙂

Next —

Any Glee fans enjoy the tribute to Britney tonight? You know I did. I’m a little sad they didn’t sing this song and take me back to the sixth grade talent show. Oh Brit, please come back — how cute were you in this video? You deserve better.

Lohan’s back in rehab — but no one cares, so let’s move on.

If you haven’t gotten enough from those pesky bedbugs and stinkbugs — read about them HERE.

Speaking of bedbugs — did you hear that the way they’re traveling around NYC is by crawling into the EAR PIECE of your cell phone. How gross is that? Moral of the story – if you live in NYC do not leave your phone by your bed at night. Simple as that.


I guess we can talk about real life now.

Alex will be home so, so soon. I’d put an exact date up — but I don’t want to jinx it! Let’s just say – it’s soon!

Hunter is annoyed with me like always. He’s mad that all I do is take pictures of him and study. He needs to start showing his Momma some compassion!

Go Away.

Can't you just let a dog get some sleep?

Happy almost Hump Day.


4 thoughts on “Worldly Updates

  1. Seriously, what is up with that hair? I question many of his fashion choices. Remember that paper boy hat he had? Yuck! Get back in those Stetson ads ASAP.

    I loved Glee last night, but you could totally tell that Brtiney (Glee Brit) was a dancer before a singer.

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