Sunday Secrets

Hello Sunday.

Let’s start with some jams, shall we?

I think Sunday would be my favorite day of the week if there wasn’t that dark gloom that lingers in your brain reminding you that you have to go to work tomorrow.

I like the slowness of Sundays. I’m never in a hurry to get anything done. I mosey through the apartment cleaning and doing laundry. There are always candles a-blazin’ and windows open (weather permitting of course). If football isn’t on, you can count that relaxing music is playing. Sunday is no time for I like it by Enrique, but rather Everything by Buble.

Sundays are romantic. Even if your man isn’t with you, it’s easy to get your thoughts tangled in old memories. You have to be careful though, you could spend all day thinking of all that laughter and love! In the fall, Sundays are for chili and apple cider. In the winter, nothing says Sunday more than a cracking fire in the fireplace (and hot chocolate).

As the day Alex gets home quickly approaches, I find myself longing for that first Sunday breakfast. I am more than excited for a steaming cup of coffee, a delicious breakfast, sweat pants, slippers, and a brisk morning sitting on the patio. Of course I can do those things alone, but they just aren’t the same. Traditions aren’t the same when you do them by yourself.

Sundays are for puppy baths and long walks.

What are your Sundays for?

About a month ago I bought a coffee table book called Believe. It’s completely filled with inspirational quotes. You cannot flip through the book and not feel a sense of hope and desire.

Here’s a couple good ones:


Have you seen the Steelers game score??!

How’s your crappy team doing today? 😉

Hunter Photo of the day:

Thrilled for a bath -- can't you tell?

Decoration Photo of the Day:

Now I’m off to get a couple errands done, study, watch the rest of season 4 of Dexter, and then get pumped up for tonight’s season premiere!

Woo Woo Woo!


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