How did this happen?

(sidenote: I wrote this entire post last night but fell asleep on the couch before I could press submit. Way to go, Michelle)

When did we become adults?

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you had to ask permission to have a friend ride the bus home with you? Now all of the sudden, we’re smacked in the real world with every one else that we feared of becoming.

We sit in traffic every day.

We’re getting married.

We’re starting to buy our first home.

We’re building credit.

We get up before the sun does.

We pay bills.

Let’s face it, we’re adults.

How did that happen?

Remember when your biggest worry was what you were going to wear to school the next day and whether someone would notice you wore the same pair of jeans last week? Nope, no one ever did by the way. You could always be found passing notes about short-lasting crushes and rarely paying attention. Wow, how life has changed.

Sometimes I look at responsibility with a sense of dread. “Why am I always busy? Why won’t someone else do this crap for me? Do I ever get a moment to myself?” These are thoughts frequently found floating around my head.

It’s easy to forget that with responsibility also comes — well… responsibility. I make my own decisions now. I don’t have to ask permission for things and I can spend my hard earned money on stuff that I want. Over the years I’ve gone from a girl that put her head down and blushed when she walked by a crush in the sixth grade to a confident young adult. If I must sit in an hour of traffic and wake up before the sun to be who I am today — well I guess I’ll be in bed early!


Other news:

  • We’re going to start the countdown. Tentative — Two weeks left till you know who comes home.
  • I’ve now tried 4 different Great Harvest Breads. I love them all. We all remember my intense experience with Rosemary Lavender. Then there was Dakota — which was so hearty and nutty. Then Dots and I tried Garlic Cheddar — out of this world! And finally I’m trying classic Rye — oh so delicious. Go try some 🙂
  • I’ve also be celebrating new seasons of my favorite shows starting! There are so many shows I enjoy — that I just don’t have the time to watch. My shows this week have focused on Glee, Bones, and Grey’s. Hopefully I’ll have time to catch up on the rest later.
  • The rest of my life is still consumed with studying. I could talk to you about the taxation of selling and buying stocks, but I’d rather not. Or we could talk about life insurance and types of mutual funds, but I’ll spare you the details.
  • Saturday I’ll be hanging out at Hershey Park for our company picnic. I’m pretty pumped for it. Rachel will be coming with me 🙂 Alex is really sad he’s not in town yet to go!


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