Are you a Weirdy too?

If you’ve had any  quality time to get to know me, one of the first conclusions you were probably able to draw was that —- I’m slightly strange. It’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed about if you in fact did come to this realization. I have about 634 quirks and I’m not going to apologize for a single one of them.

They are what they are. The bizarre things that I do make me who I am. I have a handful of laughs and each of them are weird. I talk to myself. I think that I’m funny and therefore laugh at myself as well. I never like to finish a meal — I absolutely have to have at  least one bite still on plate when I’m finished.

I get incredibly excited about the smallest things — like the change of seasons and acorns. I dance a lot. I’ll sing too. If I drink at all, I will wake up at the crack of dawn. There’s no getting around it — alcohol and sleep do not mix for me — which is weird?

I’m needy. I take things personally. I have one of those personalities that takes over a room — which a lot of people don’t like.

I always have my camera. I never delete pictures.


Considering that I had a drink or two last night with the neighbors and Alexandra (I’m just going to call her this from now on for lack of confusion) I was awake before the sun. After I attempted to fall back asleep for a half hour I finally decided to bite the bullet and get up.

But what the heck are you supposed to do at 7 am on a Sunday? Ugh.

I decided to be a little nostalgic and look through all the pictures on my memory card. 3,126 pictures later (no joke) I was cracking up. Of course I post a lot of pictures here, but I don’t normally post them all. I try not to post pictures of people when I catch them at a bad/inopportune moment.

Today that’s all a’changin’! There are way too many pictures that need to be seen. If you’re in any of these pictures — take them lightly. THEY ARE FUNNY (aren’t they??). 

This one isn't bad -- I just like it 🙂


I promise I have more pictures then just of Alex

Like mother like daughter

I love you Jo Hutch 🙂

I just like this one too 🙂

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't make fun of myself too!

What a shot!

Another cutie.

(Not that these next two are necessarily funny faces — but as I zoom through my camera… I’m literally in every other picture… It was magic.. One second I’m there — and then BANG I’m missing again.)

Watch this -- it's magic.

There I am!


The winner!

Did you laugh? Weren’t they funny?

Enjoy the Steelers game today (and whatever nonimportant team you like as well 😉 ).



3 thoughts on “Are you a Weirdy too?

  1. Love the pics!!!! I am currently happily laying next to a very cute, happy kitten who decided to finally come home last night. She has only stopped purring when she falls asleep since she got home.

  2. This post made me giggle :). I think everyone’s got quirks about them, at least I like to think all the cool people do anyway 😉 Especially those of us who crack ourselves up cause I most certainly partake in that habit all the time, haha

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