Guess what?

Tomorrow is Friday. How fantastic is that?

It doesn’t matter how cruddy my Thursday was or was not — tomorrow is Friday and that folks, it all that matters.

In all honesty, today was pretty decent. It’s always nice when you’re work day doesn’t drag on forever. As I drove home I started thinking about my to-to list. Tonight I was determined to knock some of these tasks off.

I’ve talked about this a couple times before, but Alex and I really like to shop at bulk food stores. We’re members to all three stores in our area and you can probably find us leisurely strolling through the aisles on weekends. It’s our thing (one of 23947 things). Anyways.. I honestly haven’t been to any of these stores since the mister headed out the door for a couple months. I just can’t eat that much food! I find that I’m still having to throw away some things from the normal grocery store cause I didn’t eat them before they went bad.

I hate wasting food. I feel like I’m literally putting my paycheck in the trash (because…. I am!). I’ve started to run out of things that it really doesn’t make sense to buy anywhere else besides these stores (ie toilet paper and dog food). So I made a trip. I cleaned out my fridge and washed all the dishes that held the leftovers I was never going to eat. I am making a vow to myself that I will not, and I repeat, will not let any of this food go bad.

The only thing I thought of when I was carrying my 50 lb dog food bag and 6 trips worth of food up the apartment stairs was “where is Alex???” I actually said it as loud as I could (without actually screaming) when I reached the top of the stairs for 1001st time. I was completely out of breath at this point as well, so screaming was really out of the picture.

A special note to the mister:

Dear Alex,

I know you’re reading this. You should probably come home soon. Please and thank you 🙂 You’re fiance was an unhappy camper (or should I just say camper 😉 ) as she had to rearrange the freezer to make everything fit by herself. That’s your job. You’re way more organized then me. Come straighten me out. Hunter misses you too by the way. But really, I refuse to go back to Costco or BJs without you, so you better come home before I run out of dog food — I’m just saying!


Needy Little Shit (yes, that’s my nickname… because yes, I am needy — and I’m small. Duh)

Aren’t I just the cutest?

A lot of people are receiving their Save the Dates so here’s the picture we used! We took this picture a week or two before Alex left at one of favorite parks in Annapolis. Enjoy!

Woo Hoo!

I’m not going to post what the entire thing looks like. This is the format we used. So just imagine that (in different colors) with our information on it.

Other News

Hunter is started to get over his deep hatred for me and the ear cleaner. He’s starting to get used to it and is finally getting back to his old cuddle-bunny ways. I think he just knows his Momma needs a little extra lovin’ these days. We go from this….

Sleepy little man.

and this…

Giving hugs

To this—

I had a quick nap-- now I'm ready to play!

In two seconds flat!

He’s fun. I can’t imagine life without the Hunterbud. Thankfully I don’t have to.

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