Lazy Lady

Sorry I haven’t had as many posts as usual lately. It’s not that I’ve been necessarily lazy, but I’ve just had a lot of other things going on. Unfortunately the ol’ blog has had to take a back seat over the last week or so. Work has been busy as usual and when I get home I spent the majority of my time studying.

It hasn’t been super fun.

Probably because of my lack of fun, I really cannot think of anything to write about. Every time I go to write a post my mind completely blanks.

Do I want to talk about food? No, no body wants to read about my lack of creative meals. (It’s hard to cook for just one! It’s absolutely zero fun. So I just don’t. Period.)

Do I want to talk about fitness? Ehh. Not really. I don’t you all to think I’m obsessive.

Do I want to talk about work? Definitely not. I do too much of that as it is.

Do I want to talk about wedding plans? I would love to! But — they’re all temporarily put on hold till the man comes home and we can start planning the menu. FUN!

Do I want to talk about my upcoming weekend plans? I don’t have any. Sooo that would be tough.

I could talk about Hunter. Sadly he hates me right now because every time I see him I’m chasing him down with ear drops.

I could talk about Alex coming home. Unfortunately I still have about a month to go and there is no date set yet…. So that’s basically all I know. There we go — now you’re up to speed as well! That was easy.

I could talk about the book I’m reading. Except I’m not reading one at the moment. So maybe I should change that statement to “I couldn’t..” Eh. Whatever.

In conclusion, I have been uncharacteristically boring and extremely busy. My fun lies deep within the weekends. Since it is only Wednesday, it is safe to deduct I’m not having any fun. ( I have been taking lots of baths at night. So, that’s a plus. Except I’m studying while taking a bath. So, in reality it’s not a big plus… just above a minus actually — Neutral? I ramble a lot. It’s a specialty.)

What do YOU want me to talk about?? Come people. Some ideas here!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Lady

  1. My life is pretty boring these days as well! My bf just moved to NYC and I can totally feel you on cooking for one. What are you studying for? I totally missed that at some point.

    • It really is so hard to cook for one! Are you going to be moving up to NYC too? Hopefully you won’t be away for too long! I work for an investment company so I’ve got a few licenses to get for super fun things like selling stocks and investment choices. Riveting stuff.

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