Thanks B.O.B.

What a weekend.

Since Alex left I’ve predominately had nice, relaxing, calm weekends. Now all of the sudden I’ve been spending more time with neighbors and friends and less time with just me. I feel as though I’ve had a complete 180 spin on my life.

This weekend I spent the evenings on the patio, laughing about inappropriate things. My neighbors and I have had a fantastic few nights! Last night we had some company! Alex ( as in Alexandra — not Alexander) and Leanne joined us for our games and good times.

Let’s just say I’m incredibly tired today and am looking forward to an early night. Here’s a few pictures from the weekend —

Saturday morning's clean up

Pre Happy Hour


Here's where the trouble started

What a big dude!


Hunter loves the ladies

Orange Juice

Oh hey Joe!

I have fun friends

Bob fans

It's a Double Rainbow! OMG!

Funny Videos to take a look at:

Other News

I hope you’re all enjoying the Steelers game right now. You know that I am! I’m absolutely loving the sounds of NFL blaring through the apartment.

This morning I spent a few hours at the vets. Poor Hunterbud has a couple infections. He has a nasty ear infection in both ears and a skin rash/infection on his belly 😦 He’s on lots of antibiotics and came home with a ton of goodies. He’s been super tired since we got home 😦 Hopefully the little guy starts feeling better soon! He’s Mama misses his little spunky attitude. I imagine this is where I’ll be finding him for a couple of days —

Sleepy Doggy.

More other news–

These bad boys will be leaving me TODAY! Yay! I’m Save the Date(d) OUT! I’ll post the picture we used in a week or so once people start getting theirs in the mail 🙂

ONE pile!

And FINIALLY — A big Happy Birthday to my brother CHRIS! He turns 26 tomorrow and we’ll be having a yummy family dinner at Dottie’s tonight to celebrate!


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