News Alert

Something fantastic happened when I got home from work today.

Let me back it up and tell this story from the beginning though.

A few months ago I realized that I had to charge my phone more often than normal. Every time I got in my car I religiously plugged my phone into the car charger. No sweat. A mid afternoon jolt was all my phone need, so life really wasn’t too bad.

After a couple weeks, things really got serious. I literally started carrying my phone charger around with me. If I had to make more than two phone calls, there was no way my little Blackberry was lasting me through the day. Carrying my charger became habit. Again — nothing to worry about. It was just another step in my morning routine to get out the door and off to work.

Lately though, I cannot even make a phone call without my phone being ON the charger. It was no longer “okay I’ll plug it in after this call…” — it was “let me sprint to the closest outlet — if my phone dies, call me back in 2 minutes..”

It’s been painful to say the least. It has been even tougher since Alex has been out of town. There have been a few times that I didn’t have my charger and/or was no where near an outlet when he made his weekly call. A couple times my phone has crapped out and died mid-call. I immediately started yelling and pulling my hair out (ew. that’s a joke by the way. well, not the yelling part just the hair thing).

It was awful.

Dreadful, really.

Dreadfully awful.

TODAY though — life has turned around!

I called Verizon to get a new battery a few weeks ago. They informed me it was going to be THIRTY DOLLARS. Ugh. I absolutely refuse to get a new phone because then I’ll be locked into another 2 year contract. I’m planning to hop on Alex’s plan when he gets home, so that just doesn’t make sense.

Anyways, last weekend I ordered a new battery from Amazon.


As soon as I had a full charge on my fresh battery, I gave Dottie (aka Mom)  a call. I spazzed out when I talked for over 45 seconds and not only did my phone NOT die, but it still had a full charge.

I cried.

(not really, but I could have — that’s for sure!)

Oh the simple things.


Enjoy the NFL kickoff game tonight, I know I will be!

And here are some unrelated pictures 🙂

"What do YOU want?"

WOO HOO! New Battery!!

Silly Pup!

"What did you do with my Dad, huh?"

Who are you rooting for tonight? Did you jump on the Who Dat Wagon last year and hoping for The Saints to win again?

Or are you still a little bitter The Vikings didn’t win and hoping they pull one out tonight?


One thought on “News Alert

  1. Vikings! Adrian Petersen is a Sooner and Brett Favre is sexy.

    Yay for a new battery phone. I have an iphone and I use it for SO many different things that it dies quickly.

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