Doggin’ Days

After a wildly fun weekend, it’s always hard to get back to the grind. Work seemed to drag on today as my mind found happiness solely in daydreaming. I spent a large portion of the day looking at photo contests on The Pioneer Woman’s site. I mean if these pictures don’t make you wish Christmas season started tomorrow — then I don’t know, I mean — I hate to be the one who says it — but you may have a slight problem 😉 We can still be friends though. Don’t worry.

I had to work late and in turn needed a lot of doggy lovin’ when I got home. I immediately dropped my 36 bags I bring to work every day on the closest chair and hauled butt back down the steps — leash in hand. This pup was gettin’ his exercise on whether he liked it or not! (Thankfully he always wants to go out though.) He posed a couple times for me and then continued on his punky punk ways.

Hello Handsome

"Hey Momma."


"I'm not ready to go in yet."

"Maybe in a few minutes..."

"Nope. Good try though."

"...Okay. I'm all wrapped up now. Take me home."

"You're not so bad after all, Ma."

Now I’m going to take the stinker on another walk. Then I’ll probably take a bath. You know, because I had to work a long day. Or just because I want to, whatever.

Happy “Thank goodness it’s not Monday” Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Doggin’ Days

  1. aw! if only hunter knew how well he models for the camera… i bet you and Alex could make a few extra bucks for the wedding by sending in these photos for a purena dog chow commerical… I’m serious!

  2. So the first picture of that dog of yours…I just noticed the comment above me:) He should seriously be the poster child for his breed. He’s ridiculously gorgeous!

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