Free Fridays

Friday I took the day off work.

It felt fantastic. You should try it sometime.

Thursday I found out some news at work that didn’t sit well with me. I’m not going to say anything terrible about since I know many of you are my coworkers 🙂 Anyways, I’m going to be moving teams in a couple weeks and I’m sad to be leaving mine.

Thursday night I went out for Donna’s birthday. We had a great time and I was most definitely in rare form. I woke up Friday and was still angry about the work day prior. So.. I used one of my days off.

And that was that.


Yesterday was spent looking at houses 🙂 I’ve been making a list of areas and potential homes. Alex has been getting lots of excited emails from me, hurrying him to come home. I also ran over to Pier 1 to look at autumn decorations. Weirdly, I left without buying anything.

All in all Friday was wildly unsuccessful. Later in the afternoon I headed to the mall to find some work pants that did not look like I was swimming in them. Two hours later I was home with two new shirts and zero new pants. One of these days I’ll find some though…

This weekend will be filled with errands, relaxing, studying, and other smalls tasks. The Save the Dates will be out this weekend! That’s probably the most exciting thing going on.

I’ve been pretty lame this week hence why you haven’t heard from me too much. My days have been filled with work and my nights are consumed with studying for work. Super fun.

A big thanks to Hurricane Earl for bringing mild weather to Maryland. I’ll be taking full advantage of the weather this weekend. I’m off to a local park to meet up with my mom and Blondie. The dogs definitely could use some exercise! I’ll be back with fun pictures (hopefully 🙂 )

Here’s one of Hunterbud to leave you with for now!

Hello Happy Pup

 Oh! And since it’s no longer 1000 degrees outside I feel fully able to decorate the apartment for Fall. I could care less that it’s still technically summer and barely September — Fall is starting early is this house!

Happy Saturday to a nice long weekend!

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