Obsession (by Calvin Klein)

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Calvin Klein, but I got a good chuckle out of it so — there ya go.

Over the weekend I had a lot of small errands to accomplish. One of which was to get my driver side headlight fixed. Thankfully the car I drive is a complete pain in the butt and no one is willing to work on them unless they specialize in that type of car. It took all weekend to find a shop willing to replace a headlight. A headlight! It’s not like I was getting a new transmission or even an oil change for cryin’ out loud.

Anywho, while I was sitting in the repair shop for what seemed like an eternity I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a Better Homes and Gardens. While I browsed the magazine I found some decorations that I absolutely loved and they were almost free. The idea is centered around collecting acorns. I’ll eventually have to by something aesthetically pleasing to put the acorns in… but — my creative wheels started turning!

Every time I take Hunter for a walk I’m on the look out for the perfect acorn. I’ve collected a few handfuls at this point! It still must be pretty early for acorns though. There’s only one tree in my neighborhood putting off the perfect specimen. All the other trees are dropping measly, teeny-tiny, excuses for an acorn.

Can you tell I’m bored when I’m at home by myself?

At least I can entertain myself though. Right?

If you drive by my apartment complex during the evening you’ll probably find me outside scavenging the trees. Because I’m cool like that.

Love them.

Epitome of fall.

See how tiny this one is??

I'll just keep them in this cup till I find a new home for them

I just did an entire blog post about acorns.

Even Hunter thinks I’m crazy.

Get a new hobby Mom.

2 thoughts on “Obsession (by Calvin Klein)

  1. Come on over to Woodbine, we have thousands of acorns. If you don’t pick them up, I will have to pull out baby oak trees all spring long.

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