I. Just. Died.

For awhile now I’ve been seeing people raving about Great Harvest Bread Company. Although I’ve always been interested in the deliciousness of the bread, I’ve never gone out of my way to research the company. To be quite honest I thought it was a local bakery which wasn’t here in humid Maryland.

Boy, oh boy was I surprised tonight.

On my way home from work I forced myself to stop at the grocery store. I’ve been making quick pit stops at Trader Joe’s when I need a couple things but somehow I’ve managed to run out of everything. So today I bit the bullet and stopped at a major chain grocery store. How come it’s twice as expensive as any other store? I don’t get it.

Anyways — I drove to the store… which I’ve been to numerous times. Obviously I never pay attention to anything else besides the dreaded grocery store, because there

There on the end of an ugly chain of stores…

There on the side of the road I’ve traveled 3902 times in my life…

There with a small sign politely screaming OPEN…

Was a Great Harvest.

Holy Poo.

I immediately did a U Turn, almost killing 7 peds. I pulled in at 5:53 (they close at 6 by the way — not that I knew that at the time, but I thought you would like to know 🙂 ). I ran in and blew through the door faster than Hunter runs after his girlfriend Annie.

Once I got in GH though — man did I take my time! I asked questions about all the breads, dips, pottery — everything! I finally settled on Rosemary Lavender Bread. Unaware of how my life was about to change, I got to the grocery store and angrily plowed through the aisles.

I got home, unpacked, and finally got to try my bread.









Frankly I hope you’re all proud of me that I didn’t chow down the entire loaf.

So for dinner, of course bread was on the list. I decided to make a grilled cheese with brie and apples on this magical Rosemary Lavender bread. WOWSERS (do people still say that by the way?) I’m a completely different person now.


Please buy some of this bread. Here’s where you can find if there is one nearby. If there’s not — let me know, I’ll send you some 😉

Earth Shattering

Oh maaaan

Hunter even got a piece of the crust!

"Give it to me Momma!"

Do you think he liked it??


5 thoughts on “I. Just. Died.

  1. Alright that’s it. You are the straw that broke the camel’s back and I will finally visit my local GH. Kath raves about it, her sister loves it, and now you heart it too. That sandwich looks uh-mazing. Looks like what’s for dinner tonight, haha. Thanks for the idea 😉

  2. Hey! I live in MD too! Found you through HLB. I totally understand the GH love, I try and get to the one in Columbia once a month and stock my freezer full of the good stuff 🙂

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